GI Alliance Expands Presence in San Antonio


DALLAS, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- GI Alliance, the nation's leading physician-led GI services organization, announced today that it has partnered with 17 physicians in San Antonio from the practices of San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates (SAGA) and San Antonio Digestive Disease Consultants (SADDC). The founders of SAGA built the first freestanding endoscopy center in downtown San Antonio in 1980 and have established themselves as a leading provider of GI medicine in the area.

"We are pleased to welcome the physicians of SAGA and SADDC and their staff to the GI Alliance family," said Dr. Jim Weber, CEO of GI Alliance. "Even with our growth on the national stage, we maintain our commitment to expand in Texas, furthering the delivery of high-quality patient care by supporting talented gastroenterologists with our experience and infrastructure."

"We are excited to have found a true partner that brings unparalleled resources to our growing practice," said Ernesto Guerra, M.D., SAGA President. "This allows us to stay focused on what matters most, which is improving the outcomes for our patients. GI Alliance understands that although the business of medicine is centralized, the practice of medicine is local."

About GI Alliance

GI Alliance is a physician-led, GI services organization supporting the needs of more than 290 independent gastroenterologists operating in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Arizona and Indiana. GI practices that are part of the GI Alliance are focused on providing the highest-quality care to their patients. In addition to providing operational support for GI practices, GI Alliance is working to unite gastroenterologists nationwide to align interests and improve the quality of care for patients. Contact: Brittany Dodd / GI Alliance
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