GI Alliance expands into a 6th state with GastroArkansas


DALLAS, Texas – December 11, 2019 – GI Alliance, the nation’s largest independent gastroenterology services organization, today announced a partnership with GastroArkansas. Founded in Little Rock over 40 years ago, GastroArkansas was the first multi-physician gastroenterology practice established in Arkansas and is the largest independent group in the state today. GI Alliance now represents over 315 gastroenterologists across six states. “The GI Alliance leadership and physician teams have built an incredible infrastructure upon which our 12 physicians, dedicated staff, and patient population can continue to flourish,” said Debra Morrison, M.D. “The most important factor in our decision-making process was the commitment to keep patient care as our shared primary focus. We’re very pleased to have found an organization that aligns well with the culture we’ve worked hard to build over several decades.” Jim Weber, M.D., CEO of GI Alliance, said, “We are excited to bring on board GastroArkansas, a group of world-class physicians with stellar leadership. GI Alliance will support and enhance the opportunities that this practice has to serve patients in its own state and the broader South-Central U.S. as well.” Dr. Weber continued, “GI Alliance has been executing a highly targeted partnership strategy anchored in three core geographies: our South-Central focus, our Midwest focus, and our Western focus. Throughout our rapid expansion, GI Alliance has held true to its stringent criteria for partner group selection – which begin and end with an unwavering commitment to quality patient care. For every group that joins us, multiple others fall short of our standards. Top-quality gastroenterology practices have been attracted to our physician-led, physician-owned organizational design, the deep alignment that our equity and compensation structures foster between GIA and its physicians, the top-flight management team we have built, and the patient-first philosophy that permeates every aspect of our operation and culture. Our partnership with GastroArkansas, establishing us in a sixth state, is a natural continuation of what has brought us success to date.”

About GI Alliance

GI Alliance is a physician-led GI services organization supporting the needs of more than 315 independent gastroenterologists operating in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Arizona, Indiana, and Arkansas. GI practices that are part of the GI Alliance are focused on providing the highest-quality care to their patients. In addition to providing operational support for practices, GI Alliance is working to unite gastroenterologists nationwide to align interests and improve quality of care for patients.