How to Teach Your Kid(s) Healthy Digestive Habits


In the fast-paced world, it is commonly hard to find some time to slow down and put an emphasis on our health — particularly our digestive health. It is sometimes easier to just pick up a speedy to-go dinner when we dash the kids to the upcoming basketball game or ballet practice. But as we all know, our kids are surveying and learning new things from everything we do. This is why it is critical that, starting right this minute, we do whatever we can to improve our children's GI wellness.

GI health is vital for the overall well-being of our bodies, and there are multiple things we can implement to increase the digestive wellness of our kids. At GI Alliance, we are committed to helping everyone in your family so they can have ideal digestive health for a lifetime. Read more as our gastroenterologist providers explain how you could educate your youngsters on wholesome gastrointestinal principles.

Why is it important to improve my child’s GI health?

Gastrointestinal wellness may help improve an individual’s complete health, which can guide you to a sweeter, healthier life. GI diseases can encompass multiple conditions and symptoms, such as acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, and bloating. It is important to mirror wholesome food behaviors in kids as quickly as possible to minimize and handle GI symptoms or possibly avert more major concerns for the future. To assist the youngest people in your family in discovering healthy nutritional habits for a lifetime of digestive health, our team is excited to provide a few pieces of advice below.

How can I help my child adopt healthy dietary habits?

There are multiple ways to help your kid be effective on their road to digestive well-being. A few of the best ways to ensure you're bringing up a healthy eater is to solidify good examples for them to adopt. You may additionally motivate your child to:

  • Drink larger amounts of water instead of soda/sugary drinks (this can include fruit drinks, as they commonly carry a wealth of sugar).
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Consume food at a well-balanced rate.
  • Eat junk food in moderation.

If you are curious about how to learn more about the distinctive foods or drinks to promote in your kid's diet to encourage a healthy gut, meet with our GI team at GI Alliance. We would be excited to assist your child in the desired direction with a one-on-one consultation. You can schedule with one of our GI locations throughout the United States to reserve a consultation.

Are there alternative methods to boost my child's gut health?

Although there are multiple ways to boost your child's gastro health, the key is to help them learn proper eating principles. There is also another part of the puzzle that is key for regular gastro functioning — verifying consistent play time (physical activity). Physical fitness advances the blood flow to the muscles in the digestive system, assisting with the digestive process. When we incorporate wholesome eating beliefs with exercise, our bodies may function at their full performance. It is beneficial to establish good examples for the children in your family to follow and to ensure all family members get enough physical activity each day. Learn about how to get out there and have a fun time while being active and improving the GI health of everyone in the family.

Discover digestive assistance for children

If you are trying to find ways to enhance your kid's physical wellness and gastrointestinal health, trust the considerate GI physicians at GI Alliance. With the patient-centered approach we take toward medicine, we put the ambitions of your child above everything else. We are compelled to assist them in reaching their full capability in GI wellness. To connect with a gastrointestinal specialist who provides children's digestive care in the United States, please contact our practice location nearest you. Our GI providers are nearby to help provide you with advice and steer the entire family on the path to optimal wellness.