Celiac-Friendly Summer Grilling Tips For Baton Rouge (And A Recipe!)

By: GI Alliance


Summer is kicking off. The aroma of charcoal fills the air almost every evening, making your mouth water. You can’t wait for the season of backyard barbecues to begin in earnest. But if you have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or celiac sprue in Baton Rouge, you’re going to need to be a little more cautious around the buffet than you have been. Check out these summer grilling tips for gluten intolerance in Baton Rouge and talk with the celiac experts at Gastroenterology Associates today!

Watch out for cross-contamination in the grill and prep area

As you would with any food allergy, it is vital that your food be cooked separately from any gluten-containing foods. If there isn’t room or time to cook your food separately or first, wrap your dishes in foil packets to ensure there isn’t cross-contamination on the grill. Also, don’t forget to use separate utensils when handling your gluten-free foods.

Be wary of the marinade

Many marinades, dips, and sauces use gluten as a binder. If someone else is in charge of providing these items, don’t hesitate to ask to see the ingredient label or recipe. Still unsure? Don’t be afraid to provide your own. It’s better to practice caution than to contend with a celiac flare.

BYOB&B (Bring Your Own Booze & Buns) to a Baton Rouge BBQ

To avoid the impromptu and conversation-ruining “Does this beer/bun have gluten?” Google search, prepare ahead of time by bringing your own! Forgot to pack your own beer or bun? Enjoy your burger on a bed of lettuce or a portabella cap and wash it down with wine or hard cider to be safe.

Consult with your Baton Rouge gastroenterologist regularly

Most importantly, regular consultations with a celiac specialist can help prevent celiac flare-ups, manage symptoms, and give you the tools you need to live a healthy, gluten-free life. The digestive specialists at Gastroenterology Associates have the experience to help you manage your celiac lifestyle. Call today and set up a consultation.