5 Things To Do Before Your Gastric Balloon Procedure

By: GI Alliance


So you’ve made the decision. You’ve talked with your gastroenterologist and decided that the gastric balloon procedure is the best way for you to kick off your weight loss journey. Before you have the quick outpatient procedure, we’ve got 5 things you should do:
  1. Check Your Meds: Before the procedure, ensure that any current prescriptions won’t negatively impact the stomach or digestive tract. Your gastroenterologist may also prescribe something to prevent soreness or throat irritation following the endoscopic procedure. Make sure you’ve filled your prescriptions before the balloon inflation!
  2. Plan the Pantry: Following the procedure, you’ll need to follow a transition diet for 1-2 weeks. Your gastroenterologist will fully chart out your transition, but be sure to stock up on clear liquids (broth and zero-calorie electrolyte drinks, such as Propel, Powerade Zero, and Crystal Light) as well as semi-skimmed dairy products, protein drinks, and fruit and vegetable purees. These foods will be easier on your sore throat, as well as your smaller stomach.
  3. Fast the Break: Before the procedure, check with your gastroenterologist. They may recommend you fast for 12-24 hours prior. It’s important to follow these directions properly to ensure a safe procedure and smooth recovery.
  4. Catch a Ride: Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the procedure. On average, the procedure takes 30-60 minutes. However, as with any medical procedure, it’s important to have someone on hand to drive you home and check on you, as you will be mildly sedated for the procedure.
  5. Smooth the Transition: Did you know that when you elect to have the gastric balloon procedure as part of the O.N.E. Weigh weight loss program, you also receive 12 months of personalized weight loss and nutrition counseling? But why wait until after the procedure? Start your manageable exercise routine with 20-30 minutes of light cardio every day—how about watching the sunset while you stroll around the lake at City Park? Or finding local, seasonal produce while you meander around the booths of the Red Stick Farmer’s Market?
You’ve given time and thought to your decision to have the gastric balloon procedure. Now let us help you direct that attention to yourself and your health. Call today to learn more about the nutrition and weight loss coaching you’ll receive with O.N.E. Weigh.