5 Benefits Of The Gastric Balloon

By: GI Alliance


For patients who are considering turning to a weight loss procedure, the decision nearly always comes after countless other efforts. In fact, the majority have been attempting weight loss on their own for an average of 3 to 4 years before looking into medical alternatives, and the decision to seek outside help is rarely an easy one. Patients may feel that they have failed at losing the weight on their own, or they may fear undergoing a major medical operation.

For some, the gastric balloon could be the best option to both drop the pounds and alleviate these concerns. The procedure not only requires active lifestyle and dietary change on the part of the patient to help maximize and maintain results following the balloon’s removal at six months, it is also a far less invasive option than most alternatives.

What Are 5 Benefits Of The Gastric Balloon?

  1. Non-Surgical/Non-Anatomy Altering Outpatient Endoscopic Procedure- the balloon is inserted via endoscopy and removed after six months. It does not change the anatomy of the stomach.
  2. Minimal Side Effects- most reported side effects such as nausea, but are mild and resolve quickly.
  3. FDA Approved- Both Orbera and ReShape balloons have been FDA approved since 2015.
  4. Professional Coaching- A comprehensive one year program including monitoring and coaching from a team of medical professionals to ensure success.
  5. Results- Most patients lose between 10-15% of their body weight during the six months the balloon is in place.