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Vomiting happens when the body is trying to protect you from a threat. Whether you’ve ingested a harmful substance, you have a bacterial or viral infection, or your body thinks that you have been poisoned, vomiting is the body's natural way to expel anything that it sees as a threat. The professionals at GI Alliance will get to the bottom of the issue and find out why you’ve been vomiting. Contact our practice today to connect with a gastroenterologist that will get you the help you need.

Vomiting can be caused by a variety of different factors. Vomiting is a symptom of something going on in your stomach or throughout your body. It can be because of food poisoning, sickness, or another GI issue. It is important to get care for vomiting, especially if you are unsure of what is causing it. Additionally, persistent bouts of vomiting could mean you need immediate assistance. Contact our team of experienced GI physicians to have an appointment scheduled so that you are back on the path to wellness.

While it is common to vomit, the severity of the issue is what you should evaluate when you’re deciding whether or not to seek professional help. Motion sickness and food poisoning will quickly run their course. However, if you’re experiencing vomiting in conjunction with things like chest pain, difficulty breathing, or you are vomiting blood, it is time to visit one of our physicians. Any persistent bouts of vomiting that go on for several days with an unknown cause should also prompt you to request an appointment.

When you’re experiencing vomiting that you are unable to control, let our professional gastrointestinal physicians at GI Alliance help you. We are here to use our skills and experience to guide you toward a great solution. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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Dr. Yepuri is one of the most down to earth doctors I've ever had. He is friendly, and extremely informative, explaining everything that needs to be done in very simple terms.

S.I. Google

Dr Eddie Flores has been one of the most attentive, knowledgeable, and most thorough physicians I have ever encountered. I highly recommend Dr Flores for all your gastroenterology concerns!

B.H. Google

He is straight forward and easy to talk to.

C.B. Google

Absolutely the best doctor I've ever seen. Was cordial, friendly, and professional.

D.C. Google

Very good doctor. Excellent explanation of procedure and findings. His staff is just as thorough and professional.

W.R. Google


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