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Nausea can be described as an uneasy feeling in the stomach. It is the sensation that makes you feel like you have to vomit. Nausea is a common symptom of a variety of conditions. This sensation can happen because of an underlying undiagnosed condition, because of food poisoning, or can be a result of viral and bacterial infections.

The providers at GI Alliance can help you manage your nausea. You deserve a life where all of your digestive problems are solved. Let our professionals help improve your health and wellness.

If you’re experiencing nausea, it is extremely important to find the underlying cause. A physical exam and a blood test will be performed as the first steps toward finding out why you are experiencing nausea. Additional tests and procedures may be necessary. For more information on how we can assist you, request an appointment with a GI Alliance location near you.

If your nausea has persisted for over 24 hours, it is important to schedule an appointment so that the underlying cause of the nausea can be pinpointed. Seeking the care required for nausea shouldn’t be difficult. When you book an appointment with our GI doctors at GI Alliance we make sure that your experience with us runs smoothly. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you.

When your nausea has become too much to handle on your own, reach out to our team of experienced GI providers at GI Alliance. They have the training and the skill needed to help you get back to a healthier version of yourself. Request an appointment today to get started.

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Dr. Ramesh Shrinivsan was very informative and professional. I finally feel blessed to have some answers to all the digestive issues That I have been dealing with for the past 2 years. I would recommend Dr. Ramesh Shrinivan to anyone who may be experiencing digestive problems, and his medical staff is friendly and professional. My whole experience was good. Dr.Ramesh listens and is willing to answer any questions and explains everything that puts all your concerns at ease and helps with a medical plan to improve your overall health.

T.L. Google

Doctor Bown was very thorough in the process of understanding my health issue's as well as being very kind and thoughtful in presenting me with treatment options. I highly recomend him.

B.K. Google

She is a wonderful person.

S.C. Google

Dr Chokshi is super. He is thorough, expedient, and personable.

P.C. Google

I had been dealing with nausea off and on for some time. After a few tests, and we found out the cause. I am on a therapy regimen and hopefully that will take care of everything. I highly recommend Dr. Faruqui if anyone is dealing with stomach issues.

J.Y. Healthgrades


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