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OverStitch is a minimally invasive technique designed to reduce the volume of the stomach to assist with weight loss. The procedure is performed through a thin, flexible tube called an endoscope that is inserted through the mouth to reach the stomach. If you have questions about this and other procedures to help patients lose weight that are performed and endorsed by GI Alliance, contact a local GI Alliance gastroenterologist.

Candidates for OverStitch may have a significant amount of extra weight and may have attempted weight loss on their own and not experienced the results they desired. OverStitch is a type of surgery that reduces the size of the stomach and allows patients to feel fuller much faster after a meal, reducing food intake and allowing patients to experience weight loss. Consult with an expert gastroenterologist through GI Alliance to learn more about the different weight loss procedures that may be available to help you sustainably lose weight.

During the procedure, the physician places a row of stitches within the stomach along the outer curve. Tightening these sutures creates folds that reduce the size of the stomach. The doctor places five to six running stitches. The folds extend almost to the junction of the stomach and esophagus. A similar row of running stitches are placed along the inner curve of the stomach, creating a sleeve. The procedure can be performed without a single external incision. If you have additional questions about how this procedure can assist you, please contact your GI Alliance physician.

If you are looking for a weight-loss solution for you or a loved one, then consult with an expert gastroenterologist through GI Alliance to learn more about how OverStitch Endoscopic Suturing could possibly be of benefit to you. As the nation's leading physician-led network of gastroenterologists, GI Alliance aims to provide the best in clinical standards for their patients seeking weight loss and treatment for their GI tract conditions. To learn more, contact a GI Alliance physician in your area.

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Overall a good experience. Great staff!!

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Dr Walker and his staff were very courteous and attentive to my questions and concerns!

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The staff was friendly and knew what they were doing. The facility was clean . Doctor Davis talked to me before and after the procedure. He was friendly.

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I saw Dr Paschall for the first time but I read a lot of good reviews about before I had my dr send a referral! I first of all liked his bedside manner because that was the first thing I saw about him! I told him my concerns and he immediately sent me for tests to see if my concerns were valid. I then recommended him to my husband and he liked him as well! Has also had several tests to rule out some things we were concerned with! I would recommend him to anyone!

B.G. Google

Dr. Brenner took the time to understand my reflux issue and unlike all the other doctors I've seen, provided advice that actually helped. I really appreciated her looking beyond the easy fix of PPI's and truly helping me.

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