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Gastrointestinal surgery is the use of surgical methods to treat any disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. This means if you have any diseases or conditions of any part of the body involving digestion, gastrointestinal surgery could be a possible treatment method. There are many approaches to gastrointestinal surgery including, but not limited to, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic-assisted surgery. Patients work closely with their doctor to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is right for them. If you are in need of gastrointestinal surgery then contact the experts at GI Alliance to connect with board-certified GI specialists.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with gastrointestinal surgery. You should talk to your doctor about any concerns you have, but a few common complications following any surgery can include infection, reopening of the incision(s), and the formation of fistulas. Your board-certified gastrointestinal surgeon through GI Alliance will go over all of your options for surgery, including minimally invasive surgery to help reduce the risks of complications.

Gastrointestinal (GI) surgeons perform gastrointestinal surgery. A gastrointestinal surgeon is different from a gastroenterologist, who diagnoses and treats GI diseases non-surgically. They do often work closely with GI surgeons. You can find both specialists by contacting GI Alliance, the nation's largest physician-led network of GI physicians. Together, your GI surgeon and your GI doctor will work to ensure you experience optimal health.

Many of the preparation steps for gastrointestinal surgery are similar to any other surgery, involving tests such as blood work and scans to ensure that your surgery goes smoothly. For gastrointestinal surgery, you will need to “clean out” your bowels prior to your surgery with a special fluid. You will most likely be prescribed an antibiotic prior to surgery to help prevent any complications. It is important to follow your doctor’s specific preparation instructions carefully to ensure the most successful surgery possible.

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If you have been diagnosed with a GI condition that may require gastrointestinal surgery, then you can seek expert help through the board-certified physicians with GI Alliance. Our GI surgeons are some of the best specialists in the nation and they can perform many different effective and minimally invasive surgical techniques to ensure your optimal healing and ideal health following surgery. To learn more about GI Alliance and find a gastrointestinal surgeon, contact your local GI Alliance today.

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