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An argon laser is a device that uses argon gas and produces a beam of light with a wavelength that is absorbed only by specific pigments such as hemoglobin and melanin, and passes harmlessly through other materials such as fluids. Argon laser therapy utilizes this technology to treat multiple gastrointestinal conditions including hemorrhages, dysphagia, mucosal lesions, and strictures. For additional information about this laser therapy, contact our gastrointestinal specialists at GI Alliance to schedule an appointment.

Laser therapies, in general, are more precise than other procedures which means the treatment is more focused on the damaged or problematic tissue. Incisions can be made shorter and shallower and cause less overall tissue trauma. Patients generally tend to recover more quickly from laser operations than from traditional surgery. 


Is argon laser therapy safe?

As with any medical operation, there are risks involved. However, due to the focused nature of laser therapy, it is often considered less of a risk than other surgical procedures. Some of the associated risks include pain, reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, and infection. Your safety is extremely important to the GI doctors at GI Alliance. Talk with our team to learn more about how we keep you safe while providing you with reliable treatment.

Our clinical team will provide you with specific preparation instructions that you should take prior to argon laser therapy. You may be advised to stop taking certain medications that could put you at risk during the surgery. You should also plan for some recovery time and travel following your procedure, as you will still be slightly sedated. Please be sure to ask any questions that you may have about the argon laser treatment process during your consultation.

At GI Alliance, we strive to provide the most comprehensive GI care possible to help you and your loved ones enjoy better digestive health. We are proud to offer the argon laser treatment option to address a range of gastrointestinal concerns. To learn if argon therapy might be right for you, please contact a GI Alliance location in your community to schedule an appointment with a gastroenterology specialist.

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