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Anorectal surgery is a surgical procedure to treat anal and rectal conditions and cancer, generally by the removal (resection) of a portion of the anus, rectum, and/or part of the sigmoid colon. To learn more about this life-changing procedure, contact an experienced GI physician at GI Alliance. They are available to answer your questions and to create a treatment plan that is personalized for your needs.

There is a wide range of conditions that can be treated with anorectal surgery. Some of the conditions the surgery can help with include:

  • Anastomosis
  • Incontinence
  • Cancer removal
  • Other negative conditions of the anus and/or rectum

If you need assistance with any of the above conditions, consider reaching out to our expert team of gastroenterologists at GI Alliance to get connected with a team that can provide you with a trustworthy solution.

Anorectal surgery will be performed by a colon and rectal surgeon. The surgery will not be performed by your gastroenterologist, however, gastroenterologists and GI surgeons often work together very closely. To learn more about the procedure and everyone involved, connect with your gastrointestinal physician at GI Alliance so they can walk you through all the steps leading up to your surgery.

Prior to anorectal surgery, general tests such as blood work, and other general diagnostics will be performed to ensure that the surgery goes smoothly. Additionally, it is necessary for the bowel to be “cleaned out” prior to anorectal surgery with a fluid drink given to you by your GI doctor at GI Alliance. It is important to follow your doctor’s specific preparation instructions closely when you are preparing for your surgery.

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Let the professional gastrointestinal physicians at GI Alliance handle your anorectal surgery so that you can get the care required. Rectal problems can be an issue of the past once you schedule an appointment for your surgery. The team looks forward to helping you get the care you need.

Dr Youssef was very informative, friendly and professional, the procedure was seamless with a caring staff. I highly recommend Dr Youssef.

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Dr. Singh is fantastic. She’s intuitive, caring , thorough and honest with her assessment. She has steered me in the right direction and I will always be grateful. She is one awesome physician!

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Excellent service from staff & appointments, doctor visits, exams required, PA advice, communications and doctor is available usually in less than a month.

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