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Diverticulitis is a condition that could follow diverticulosis. Diverticulosis is a condition where small pouches or pockets called diverticula bulge through the outer lining of the intestine. Once these pockets have formed, they can become infected and start to swell. Diverticulitis occurs when this infection or inflammation takes place. If you have diverticulosis it is important to be under the observation of a gastroenterologist. You can find board-certified gastroenterologists through the nation's leading physician-led network of GI specialists, GI Alliance.

Diverticulitis is typically is caused when the diverticula tear and become susceptible to inflammation, infection, or both. Some of the risk factors associated with diverticulitis are very similar to those risk factors associated with diverticulosis and include:

  • Aging
  • Being overweight
  • Some medications – such as anti-inflammatory drugs including ibuprofen/Advil®
  • Smoking
  • Low fiber, high-fat diets
  • Lack of exercise

Prevention of diverticulitis includes:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Regular exercise
  • High-fiber, low-fat diet

You can partner with a gastroenterologist through GI Alliance to help you determine the cause of your illness and how to prevent it.

The main symptoms of diverticulitis can include:

  • Abdominal pain – usually constant and persistent for several days
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdomen being tender to the touch
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea

If you have constant, unexplained abdominal pain, or any combination of the above symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your gastroenterologist today. You can find a GI doctor through GI Alliance.

The treatments for diverticulitis depend on the severity of your condition. Following diagnosis, your physician will be able to determine which treatments will be necessary. Some of these treatments include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Liquid diet
  • Abdominal abscess draining
  • Surgery

To learn which treatments would best assist with your specific condition, contact GI Alliance and partner with an expert gastroenterologist.

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If you're looking for a possible treatment plan for diverticulitis or would like to prevent the illness, then trust the expert gastroenterologists at the nation's leading physician-led network of GI specialists, GI Alliance. The board-certified doctors at GI Alliance aim to create a high-quality, patient-centric experience that helps you live in optimal health. If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect, diverticulitis contact GI Alliance right away.

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