Physician Recruitment

At GI Alliance, the practice of medicine is local... The business of medicine is centralized.

At GI Alliance, our patients come first. Our commitment is to ensure the highest quality of care and the best patient experience throughout our nationwide practice at every touchpoint. Every GI Alliance provider has access to the most extensive wealth of gastro-related skills, learnings, treatment protocols, clinical trials, and advanced GI research repositories in the United States. As a result, our patient outcomes far surpass all others.

Patients Come First.

No decision is made about our practice unless it positively impacts patient care. We strive to continually raise the bar and reset the industry standards of excellence for our patients.

Our Practice Is Led By Physicians.

Physicians led via our Physician Executive Committee, Regional Clinical Governance Boards, Local Head Physician leadership. This is one of our core tenants, we are and always will be Physician Led.

Proven Business Model Enables Physicians To Focus On Patients.

Our national MSO provides complete administrative coverage to all our clinics so our Physicians can focus on the care of our patients and keep them FIRST.

Outcomes Matter.

Our position as the leader in the gastrointestinal industry is a result of the value we create for our physician-owners. No practice has grown, succeeded or had a greater financial impact on its physicians than GI Alliance. This fact will continue as more top-tier physicians join our practice as they recognize the impact our outcomes bring to them.

The physician model is unique for the GI space and provides for long-term growth and ownership.

  • Employed physician model with competitive salary
  • 2-year senior physician partner opportunity with ownership in GI Alliance
  • Senior physicians share in the earnings of ancillary services including:
GI Alliance Ancillary Services

With a highly-effective operational support structure, physicians can concentrate their efforts on providing quality patient care while maintaining clinical autonomy. In addition to the enhanced operational efficiencies, physicians in our practice often realize a lift in insurance contracts due to the breadth and scale of GI Alliance to negotiate solid statewide contracts on their behalf.

GI Alliance offers unparalleled support to our partner physicians so they can focus on what matters most – improving outcomes for our patients.

Through an aligned partnership model, our compensation plan allows most of the economic improvements to be realized by the physicians. Our partnership track is designed to promote and reward exceptional physicians.

Partnership Model

At the core of our business is quality patient care. Every GI Alliance physician, provider, and staff member is committed to ensuring a positive experience throughout our patient's healthcare journey at every touchpoint. To do this requires both clinical and operational excellence.

As an industry-leading, majority physician-owned and physician-led organization, we seek to partner with best-in-class physicians and practices to continually enhance and strengthen the GI Alliance practice. We recognize that every practice brings a unique value proposition. Through aligned values, committed collaboration, and true partnership with exceptional practices, GI Alliance continues to:

Enable physicians more time to focus on quality patient care

Provide exceptional operational support to our partner GI practices

Influence progress and positive changes throughout our industry