Gregory Vardakis, D.O.


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5330 North Oak Trafficway Suite 102

Kansas City, MO 64118

Closed. Opens Mon at 8 AM

Quick Facts

  • Colon Cancer Screenings
  • IBD, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis
  • Acid Reflux/Heartburn
  • Expert Endoscopy and Colonoscopy
  • Most Insurance Plans Accepted

Dr. Vardakis is not accepting new patients at this time. However, Dr. Vardakis is currently conducting procedures.


DHS Consultants in Gastroenterology North Oak Clinic

Gastroenterology in Kansas City, MO

DHS Consultants in Gastroenterology North Oak Clinic

5330 North Oak Trafficway

Suite 102

Kansas City, MO 64118

Closed. Opens Mon at 8 AM

About Dr. Vardakis, D.O.

Why Gastroenterology?

To be an excellent gastroenterologist, you have to be an excellent internist. To figure out what's going on with the patient, you need to know the patient's co-morbidities, which influence the differential diagnosis. You also need to know what's going on from a mental standpoint, as there is a significant mind-gut axis. In addition, I like the procedural aspect of GI, as it allows me to be part of a team that can help save lives from life-threatening gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding, biliary obstruction, etc. And lastly, even though it is the hardest part of my job, it allows me to let patients know in a very compassionate way that they have cancer. I don't think my profession is a job but rather a calling I have been privileged to be a part of for over 30 years.

What Can Patients Expect?

I will not be seeing patients in the office. I will only be performing outpatient procedures. Any follow-up office visits will be scheduled with either a physician or nurse practitioner within the practice.

Interests outside of Patient Care?

  • Family
  • Grandkids
  • Golf and all racquet sports (tennis, racquetball and pickleball)


  • Medical Fellowship: Truman Medical Center - Hospital Hill (1996)
  • Medical Residency: Truman Medical Center - Hospital Hill and St. Luke’s Hospital on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri (1994)
  • Medical Degree: Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (1990)
  • Graduate Degree: DO - Doctor off Osteopathic Medicine
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Health Science - Medical Technology from the University of Missouri - Columbia (1981)