Dr. Chad Long Discussing New Hepatitis C Treatments

Dr. Chad Long with Austin Gastroenterology discusses how the treatments for Hep C have dramatically improved since 2014. Prior to 2014 – treatments for Hepatitis C were so long, had so many side effects, and were relatively unsuccessful. Treatments were 6-12 months long and had a 50-70% chance of a cure rate. Since 2014, there are new oral, anti-viral medications that are very well tolerated by patients and have a very high cure rate. Treatments are 8-12 weeks long with a 90+% cure rate in most patients. Certain groups are at high risk for Hep C and need testing. These people include these people: • History of IV drug use • Born between 1945-1965 • Elevated liver function tests • Received blood transfusion before 1992 Successful treatment of Hepatitis C can result in decreased need for liver transplant, a decreased rate of liver cancer, and decreased mortality overall in most patients. Currently, Hepatitis C is very easy to treat and very the new anti-viral medications are very successful. All patients at risk for Hepatitis C should be tested and offered therapy.

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