Dina Dunn

Chief People Officer

About Dina Dunn

Dina L. Dunn, Chief People Officer at GI Alliance, brings a wealth of healthcare human resources expertise to the organization. Dina’s extensive experience coupled with her can-do approach will immediately make a positive impact at GI Alliance.

Prior to joining GI Alliance, Dina served as Conifer Health’s Chief Human Resources Officer. She passionately oversaw the company’s HR activities and developed a service-focused delivery operations center.

Dina also served as Vice President of HR Operations for Tenet, where she was a core member of the senior HR leadership team. Having joined Tenet in 2004, she has amassed a multi-dimensional skillset that spans major aspects of HR, including strategic planning/management, HR analytics/reporting, HR systems design, cross-functional leadership/coaching, global operations, and policy implementation. Her previous leadership experience includes roles at National Energy & Gas (an affiliate of Pacific Gas & Electric), and Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Dunn earned her degree from Washington Business School in Virginia. She has acquired a variety of HR-focused certifications from the Society of Human Resource Management.

Quick Facts

  • GI Alliance Chief People Officer
  • Graduate of Washington Business School, Virginia