Austin Gastroenterology

Austin Gastroenterology

Austin Gastroenterology is the first and leading group of physicians in Central Texas specializing in gastroenterology. At AG, we stand behind our reputation as Central Texas’ best choice for internal health. We have expertise in gastroenterology, GI radiology, hepatology (liver) and hepatobiliary systems. We invite you to learn more about our practice.

Patent-focused care makes your treatment, comfort, and convenience our top priority. From the design and operation of our facilities to appointments, procedures, and follow-ups, AG puts you at the center of our practice.

As a patient-focused organization, we will:

  • Respect your values, preferences, and expressed needs
  • Include you in decisions about your treatment plan
  • Deliver education to you as necessary and as requested
  • Maintain your comfort through any means available
  • Provide emotional support to help alleviate your fear and anxiety
  • Involve your family and friends as you see necessary


Austin Gastroenterology evolved from two individual private practices. Austin Gastroenterology Associates (AGA), PA, the first GI practice in Austin, was established in 1980 with two physicians: William Gamel, MD (retired) and George Willeford III, MD. AGA grew to include Craig Lubin, MD; Rashad E. Dabaghi, MD; Richard M. Sperling, MD; and Robert Frachtman, MD.

In April 1998, AGA merged with Becker, Rice & Utts, PA (Scott D. Becker, MD; Dan Rice, MD; and Stephen J. Utts, MD) to form Austin Gastroenterology Associates, PLLC.

In January 2001, the group merged with Austin Digestive Disease Associates, PLLC (Frank Adams, DO; William Stassen, MD; Kenneth Ellis, MD; John Ziebert, MD; and Eduardo Alcocer, MD) to become the present-day form of the practice, Austin Gastroenterology, PA.

Since that time, Austin Gastroenterology has expanded to include 32 board-certified physicians and 26 mid-level providers who provide service to patients throughout north, central, and south Austin. AG now delivers care from 12 full-time offices, 6 part-time offices, and two endoscopy centers.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Working together to provide quality digestive healthcare

Our Mission

Austin Gastroenterology, PA, partnering with physicians and associates, is committed to quality healthcare for our patients by providing personal service and state-of-the-art endoscopic care through a compassionate, patient-focused approach.

Our Mission Goals

  • Preserve quality of life to ensure continued well-being
  • Maintain practice effectiveness to enable continued provision of quality digestive healthcare
  • Establish consistent and efficient practice management standards
  • Ongoing determination of community service needs with efficient and effective expansion to meet those needs
  • Efficient and effective marketing of the practice and endoscopy centers focused on the provision of high quality digestive healthcare
  • Proper usage of new technologies and clinical practices to maximize our vision
  • Ongoing search for opportunities that will allow us to serve as community educators of quality digestive healthcare
  • Continuous pursuit of service excellence in all interactions with our patients
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