About Us

At GI Alliance, our patients come first. Our commitment is to ensure the highest quality of care and the best patient experience throughout our nationwide practice at every touchpoint. Your GI Alliance provider is among the nation’s largest and most reputable team of gastroenterology experts. Every GI Alliance provider has access to the most extensive gastro-related skills, learnings, treatment protocols, clinical trials, and advanced GI research repositories in the United States. As a result, our patient outcomes far surpass all others.

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Our Legacy

GI Alliance’s legacy of caring for the communities we serve is built on a solid foundation of physician excellence. Dr. James Weber is the visionary founder and CEO of GI Alliance. He strives to ensure that GI Alliance locations provide the best GI care to patients nationwide. This is accomplished through each and every patient experience.

Our practice is majority-owned and led by our GI Alliance providers. The Physician Executive Board defines the guiding principles of our practice, while the Medical Advisory Board implements these guiding principles across the organization to ensure every provider and staff member aligns with these principles to ensure positive outcomes for our patients. Our Executive Team runs the business aspect of our practice under the direction of the Physician Executive Board to enable our providers to focus their efforts on quality patient care with minimal operational distraction. Each region of our practice has a Clinical Governance Board that oversees the local aspects of provider practices, quality of care, and clinical outcomes.

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The fundamental philosophy and excellence of our practice are relatively unique. Our like-minded providers collaborate using our internal process, research, and data to drive the best outcomes for our patients. Because of our common focus throughout the practice, our patients have access to the following:

  • A nationwide network of gastroenterology specialists
  • Comprehensive care for every age
  • Advanced technology and treatment options
  • A wide array of accepted insurance plans and self-pay options
  • Industry-leading GI health research and clinical trials

As a result, gastroenterology groups across the United States are drawn to join GI Alliance.

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