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GI Alliance’s legacy of caring for the communities we serve is built on a solid foundation of physician excellence. Dr. James Weber is the visionary founder and CEO of GI Alliance. He strives to ensure that GI Alliance locations provide the best GI care to patients nationwide. This is accomplished through each and every patient experience.

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Dr Youssef is amazing doctor

Y.C. Google

1st time visit was pleasant! Doctor was very attentive and showed concern for my visit. Ask me important questions. I also was contacted fairly fast from facility for an MRI, that was ordered by Dr. Randolph’s office, that impressed me. I will be going for that procedure early next week!

B.H. Google

The front office was very welcoming and efficient. The nurse and PA I saw were very professional and thorough. It was my first visit to Austin Gastroenterology and I was very impressed with the service and amount of time spend with me.

S.H. Google

Procedure went very well, from prep instructions all the way to recovery. Well done.

R.G. Google

Very good care, Dr. Brenner treated me very well, listened to everything I told her. I commented on my health and they will follow up on my health, I really liked it. Thank you

C.F. Google


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Our patients come first. GI Alliance physicians strive to be your partner in GI health. As the leading gastroenterology practice in the country, we have the resources and experience to find a solution to improve your life. We look forward to earning your trust.


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Colonoscopy: The Gold Standard for Colon Cancer Detection & Prevention

Colonoscopies provide preventative measures and are far more conclusive than at-home testing because it prevents cancer by identifying and removing over 95% of dangerous polyps during the procedure. Your provider can also collect tissue samples for pathology testing to further determine if cancerous cells are present. As a result, colonoscopies are considered the gold standard for colorectal cancer detection and prevention.


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Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Get the Facts

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), including Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis, affect approximately 1.6 million Americans, many before age 35. Over 80,000 children in the US are living with IBD, and an estimated 70,000 new cases among children and adults are diagnosed each year. These chronic, life-long conditions can be treated – but not cured.

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