Patient Reviews

GI Alliance physicians are among the most reputable and distinguished gastroenterologists across the nation. Focused on clinical excellence and patient-centered care, our specialists seek to be the partner you need in your quest for better health. We value patient feedback and appreciate every review we receive from those we are privileged to treat. For your convenience, we have gathered a collection of reviews, stories, and testimonials provided by patients who have visited our practices. We welcome you to explore the feedback below to learn more about what it means to be a patient of GI Alliance.

Reviews for LDDA Lubbock, TX

5.0 Review from J. Source: Google Mar 24 2023

"A very warm and welcoming place I would recommend visiting this office to anyone that is having digestive problems"

5.0 Review from B.E. Source: Google Jan 13 2023

"I have been with her many years now and she has taken care of me very welI. I appreciate her encouragement and her words of Hope"

5.0 Review from K.S. Source: Google Jan 11 2023

"Dr Rakvit and her office team were great! They are helpful and caring and I highly would recommend anyone needing a great doctor to give them a call!"

5.0 Review from A.V. Source: Google Dec 22 2022

"It was a great experience one on one experience with pt and provider"

5.0 Review from R.M. Source: Google Dec 22 2022

"Dr. Rakvit did a good job answering my questions. She seemed like a very caring person. She informed me what she was going to do on my procedure, and showed me with pictures what she had found . No doctor has ever done that with me before! Thank you Dr. Rakvit!"

5.0 Review from T.L. Source: Google Dec 14 2022

"Dr Rakvit was by far the best Dr that I have to deal with she asked questions and listened to my answers"

5.0 Review from M.F. Source: Google Dec 10 2022

"She is a great doctor. Very thorough on everything she does. I would recommend her to everyone."

5.0 Review from D.G. Source: Google Dec 06 2022

"I only found out a few days ago I have cancer , the staff has been so sweet to me they always call back and even call just to see how I am … highly recommend Dr. Rakvit and her team."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Nov 29 2022

"Dr Rakvit is so kind and was very good at explaining everything to me. I am so happy to have found her as my doctor."

5.0 Review from C.L. Source: Google Nov 19 2022

"Very compassionate and caring."

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Google Nov 18 2022

"Dr.Rakvit and everyone who works there is amazing! Clean facility, friendly staff, and great patient care."

5.0 Review from N.O. Source: Google Oct 20 2022

"I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency of Ariwan Rakvit and her staff. I was checked in, saw Dr. Rakvit, scheduled a procedure, spoke to insurance and checked out all within 25 minutes. Dr. Rakvit showed concern and her staff worked together seamlessly."

5.0 Review from B.M. Source: Google Oct 20 2022

"I had dreaded this procecure but the clinic & Dr Rakvit were wonderful. Highly recommend"

5.0 Review from D.H. Source: Google Oct 19 2022

"They take care of their patients"

5.0 Review from M.C. Source: Google Oct 11 2022

"The office was run like a well oiled machine efficient and extremely friendly. The physician was knowledgeable and explained everything from current treatment plan to preventative treatment. Awesome bedside manner."

5.0 Review from C.A. Source: Facebook Oct 11 2022

"Everything about this visit was great! They took time and explain everything to me. My nurse was fantastic! Dr. Boyd Fenton was amazing!😚😀😀😀"

5.0 Review from K.H. Source: Google Sep 27 2022

"Great doctors"

5.0 Review from S.J. Source: Google Sep 27 2022

"Dr. Rakvit is an awesome doctor and great at what she does. Made me super comfortable in such a way that I was able to speak freely about what I needed to sort out. She is super kind, patient, caring. Highly recommend!!!!!!"

5.0 Review from M.G. Source: Google Sep 11 2022

"Doctor Rakvit was very patient and answered questions of all my concerns about medication and went to explain the steps of the procedures. Her staff were also very friendly and helpful."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Apr 28 2022

"Dr Rakvit is a great doctor with awesome bedside manners! I feel like she goes above and beyond her scope in making sure that you fully understand what is going on. Dr Rakvit answers all your questions, and I feel she talks to you in a professional manner that allows you understand. I feel that Dr. Rakvit really is there for you… and she super sweet too! The office staff is wonderful, from the front staff to the back staff! And I feel that Dr Rakvit’s nurse is awesome!!! And if you need to have an EGD or colonoscopy, they have their procedure area next door for easy scheduling. The procedure area staff is also very nice and efficient! High five to all of the LDDA doctors & office staff!!! You all rock!!!"

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Google Apr 20 2022

"On my arrival the Front desk employee was very unprofessional as if she hated her job. She sounded like a ROBOT..You should make patients feel welcomed not like their interrupting your day..and the Med Assistant that called to a room. Well she had the same attitude..sad to have such an amazing Dr. Work with unprofessional and rude employees.. Dr.Rakvit was very patient. Explained everything I need done without making me feel my anxiety wasn't too bad.. I'm glad To be her patient.."

5.0 Review from N.T. Source: Google Apr 19 2022

"Excellent caring doctor...goes above and beyond in finding solutions to out if the ordinary issues."

5.0 Review from M.R. Source: Google Mar 18 2022

"Dr. Rakvit had great bedside manner and was very friendly. She was thorough in her explanations and overall very helpful. Would recommend."

5.0 Review from M.U. Source: Google Mar 10 2022

"I love how Dr Rakvit takes her time with you and explains everything, she is a kind and amazing Dr❤"

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Google Jan 08 2022

"Dr. Rakvit MD is a great DR. She listens to the problems you are having and takes the time to really get to know you! Very knowledgeable and gets things done quick."

5.0 Review from S.P. Source: Google Dec 19 2021

"I have been seeing Dr Rakvit for about 13 years now and she is amazing she listens carefully to everything that you're telling her and she discusses what she's going to do or what she needs to do or what medication she's going to put you on and why she doesn't ever not listen and if you ever have any questions all you have to do is call and she'll answer them as soon as you she can. thank you"

5.0 Review from S.G. Source: Google Dec 08 2021

"Friendly staff and physician. Dr Rakvit took time to explain the process,procedures and results."

4.0 Review from L.C. Source: Google Nov 29 2021

"They were very nice and courteous and I explained everything and answered all my questions no matter how minor"

5.0 Review from Q.L. Source: Google Oct 24 2021

"I moved to Lubbock 2 years ago and it was a nightmare trying to figure out what was going on w me but as soon as I was connected to Dr. Rakvit she showed concern and got me the answers I needed to give me peace. Best Doctor in the city! Her & her Staff are the best."

5.0 Review from A.B. Source: Google Oct 24 2021

"Doctor Rakvit is a wonderful doctor ❤. I would recommend her to anyone I know who is having digestive disorders. Everyone I talked to was great! Very professional and friendly and knowledgeable."

5.0 Review from M.R. Source: Google Sep 05 2021

"Dr. Rakvit was so helpful and helped me understand my diagnosis. I appreciate her so very much and love how caring she is. 😊 Her staff was also incredibly friendly and helpful. I am so blessed to have been seen by the right doctor!"

5.0 Review from M.T. Source: Google Aug 30 2021

"She had my c scan info already read and did a physical exam, diagnosed my issues, gave me an Rx with directions and I’m doing good. She’s a very pleasant, kind lady. I enjoyed my appointment with her."

5.0 Review from D.L. Source: Google Aug 29 2021

"Dr rakvit and ldda treated me very well. They know what they’re doing and dr rakvit explained the results of ten years of previous tests far better than I had heard in the past. She has a great rapport with her patient. I will recommend her strongly."

5.0 Review from G.M. Source: Google Aug 28 2021

"Great experience and good care all around. Great knowledgeable staff. And the Dr. was very through and took great care."

5.0 Review from I.A. Source: Google Aug 21 2021

"Dr. Rakvit is an excellent doctor and her staff were very nice and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Rakvit."

5.0 Review from N.H. Source: Google Jul 28 2021

"Amazing doctor, nurses and staff"

5.0 Review from N.H. Source: Google Jul 28 2021

"My appointment was kept on time with very little wait time. All of the staff were polite and professional. The doctor was attentive to my concerns, took me seriously and made a thorough examination. She explained everything as she examined me and explained the referral she made. I felt extremely confident that my care would be personal and thorough."

5.0 Review from K.D. Source: Google Jul 14 2021

"My visit with Dr Ariwan Rakvit was professional and very pleasant , the staff treated me like family and made sure I was comfortable and took the time needed to explain the details ."

5.0 Review from B.M. Source: Google Jun 22 2021

"I had a ulcer flare up and was assigned Dr. Rakvit. She jumped right on it. the medicine I needed. She was very kind. Took time with me. Made me feel most comfortable. Excellent Physician and what an asset to the Group there. I am glad I am under her care."

5.0 Review from S.V. Source: Google Jun 19 2021

"I highly recommend, everyone was so welcoming, answering all questions, and very accurate. I rate them a 10. Thanks for having me as a patient. The greatest."

5.0 Review from L.L. Source: Google Jun 07 2021

"Dr. Rakvit listens and cares. She is professional and compassionate. I highly recommend her."

5.0 Review from M.M. Source: Google Jun 02 2021

"Excellent treatment from arrival until I left. Very short wait time. Everyone very friendly and professional. Dr was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in answering my questions. Didn’t rush at all. Took time with each patient until they were comfortable"

5.0 Review from S.C. Source: Google May 31 2021

"I love my doctor she has helped me out a lot I'm getting everything done that needs to be done with my stomach and they are friendly and know what they're doing I highly recommend this doctor"

5.0 Review from K.A. Source: Google May 13 2021

"Dr. Rakvit was very thorough and patient. She actually listened to my concerns and answered my questions. She explained the procedure to me in terms I could understand. The day of my procedure I felt like she cared about me as a person. She was very kind because I was extremely scared and nervous. The staff at the Endoscopy center was amazing. I would give this facility, the staff, and Dr. Rakvit more than 5 stars. I also want to thank Laura and Kristie. Thank you for being patient, kind and compassionate."

4.0 Review from H.T. Source: Google Apr 29 2021

"Dr. Rakvit is very kind and caring. Does everything to try to make sure you are taken care of and your needs are met."

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Google Apr 04 2021

"Very nice respectful Dr she gets to the point tells you what would be done as far as the procedure talks to you professionally"

5.0 Review from J.V. Source: Google Apr 01 2021

"Dr. Rakvit is so kind and very honest on what she says she will be doing and what to expect. And follows up after every procedure done and has where even on weekends you can call them if you have problems. I'm going to have my mom sent to her."

5.0 Review from L.F. Source: Google Mar 12 2021

"The staff and Dr.Ravkit are good and friendly I would recommend her to friend's and family"

5.0 Review from K.C. Source: Google Feb 26 2021

"My husband thinks the world of Dr. Timothy Miller... and so do I! We are so blessed to have such a caring doctor. He is always concerned about my husband’s care...friendly and is never in a rush when we’re there. We would highly recommend him."

5.0 Review from G.C. Source: Google Feb 26 2021

"Staff was very professional nice,. Nurse Julie i believe was her name. she was very sweet and lots patience with me. Dr Miller very nice person his manner's very professional."

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: Google Feb 26 2021

"Dr. Miller takes time to listen to you and makes you feel at ease. He is easy to talk to and you feel completely at peace leaving yourself in his hands."

5.0 Review from J.R. Source: Google Feb 26 2021

"Dr. Jabor and his staff at L.D.D.A. are fantastic, very professional and super friendly, will definitely go back for any future issues !!!"

5.0 Review from R.A. Source: Google Feb 24 2021

"I have always received prompt and quality care from Dr Kennsing and Lubbock Digestive Disease Assiciates"

5.0 Review from N.C. Source: Google Feb 23 2021

"Dr a very good dr.always explains every thang ask if i have any questions listens very through. makes me feel like he is concerned about what I need. i recommend this office everyone is always kind and considerate"

5.0 Review from M.W. Source: Google Feb 23 2021

"I was pleased with the care I received. It was a first visit so my medical history was reviewed and recommendations for future care was outlined. I feel confident my issues will be cared for properly. The doctor, nurses and staff were pleasent and efficient."

5.0 Review from T.S. Source: Google Feb 23 2021

"Extremely professional and very detail oriented! Explained procedures clearly and made sur I understood. Took his time and did not rush through the office visit He listened to all I had to say and did not interrupt. Outstanding care. Thank you Dr Jabor!"

5.0 Review from N.B. Source: Google Feb 23 2021

"Dr. Rakvit is a wonderful doctor. She is kind, caring, and very knowledge."

5.0 Review from J.B. Source: Google Feb 23 2021

"Excellent physician and nursing staff here. Dr Miller is very thoughtful and thorough in his care for patients. The staff at the endoscopy center are very caring and efficient!"

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Google Feb 14 2021

"Not much waiting time in the lobby or in the exam room. As always, Dr Ganga took her time with the questions/exam, not in & out, & her staff have always been nice & helpful. All of these are important factors to me"

5.0 Review from C.N. Source: Google Feb 09 2021

"Dr. Ganga is a superior physician, and a very compassionate caregiver. I highly recommend her and her staff."

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: Google Feb 08 2021

"Dr. Kensing and his staff were very friendly and attentive to my needs. They took care of all my scheduling etc. I felt very comfortable asking questions and Dr. Kensing took the time to explain, which was nice not to feel rushed."

5.0 Review from K.W. Source: Google Feb 08 2021

"Very professional and easy to work with. Really put my mind at ease"

5.0 Review from K.N. Source: Google Feb 08 2021

"Dr. Ganga has been my Dr for many years. She's a great doctor with an outstanding "bedside manner"! She's very thorough and very informative."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Feb 08 2021

"Very good"

5.0 Review from A.H. Source: Google Feb 07 2021

"She's the best !!! Doctor I've ever had in my life and that's no lie . she explains things well the nurses are absolutely great and explain everything. I wouldn't go anywhere else ever. If you need stomache care of any kind go here . I'm so pleased with these doctors they Dont treat you like a number ."

5.0 Review from B.H. Source: Google Feb 02 2021

"Courtesy and respectful treatment. I was informed and plans scheduled to learn more. Treated very well."

5.0 Review from B.G. Source: Google Jan 28 2021

"Professional care and communication. Minimal wait time for appointments. Concerns always addressed. Great management of chronic disease."

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Google Jan 27 2021

"Dr. Boyd always takes time to visit and makes sure I have plenty of time for each appointment. He is awesome!"

5.0 Review from C.H. Source: Google Jan 25 2021

"Dr. Miller is kind and listens. He is very professional."

5.0 Review from V.G. Source: Google Jan 24 2021

"Everyone was friendly and very professional. I felt at ease going into my procedure. I was thoroughly informed about the procedure and what I should expect after the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Jabor and his staff to friends and relatives."

4.0 Review from A.Y. Source: Google Jan 24 2021

"I was very satisfied with Dr Fenton with my follow up on. my next percidure he was very professional with his questions and answers im very happy having him as my Dr."

5.0 Review from L.D. Source: Google Jan 23 2021

"Very personable and informative."

5.0 Review from L.L. Source: Google Jan 22 2021

"I was super nervous having to see a specialist, but Dr Sorrell is very compassionate and made me feel at ease as best she could. Thank you Dr Sorrell!"

5.0 Review from M.C. Source: Google Jan 22 2021

"DR. Sorrell is absolutely a dedicated physician to her patient. I was extremely happy with her understanding and care she gave me. Would never change to another Dr."

5.0 Review from J.D. Source: Google Jan 22 2021

"All of the health care professionals that I dealt with were extremely kind, caring, knowledgeable and professional. I was in and out of my procedure in a timely manner. At all times I was made to feel that my well being was of utmost importance. Very, very comforting in these times."

5.0 Review from T.S. Source: Google Jan 22 2021

"Great Dr. He didn’t mind answering all my questions. Very patient and considerate."

5.0 Review from J.N. Source: Google Jan 21 2021

"Dr Fenton saved my life. He diagnosed my pancreatic cancer at an early stage in 2014 and I am cancer free. I have so much admiration and respect for him. He is my Dr and Good friend. I would not be alive today without him"

5.0 Review from A.H. Source: Google Jan 20 2021

"Very good staff, make you feel at ease before your procedure. Highly recommend"

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Google Jan 20 2021

"We had great experience. Dr. Fenton is very knowledgeable and cares for you. He is a good listener and gives great advice. When visiting him with very busy schedule. He was able to take time to explain everything in details and answer small and very detailed medical questions. Thank you Dr. Fenton for your care."

5.0 Review from B.B. Source: Google Jan 04 2021

"I was extremely ill for over a month. Went to my primary care doctor who immediately told me she was going to call Dr. Jabor right then. I have been going to him for many years for my colonoscopys. He performed another colonoscopy and found that I had developed colitis. I was on medication for 3 months and doing great. It is something that still can reoccur but I am not having to take any medication for it. I highly recommend him."

5.0 Review from T.B. Source: Google Jan 03 2021

"I went to Dr. Sorrell for a Colonoscopy. She was very professional and explained everything that was going to happen to me. She took her time and didn’t rush in and out! Her nurse and office staff were very nice. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! I was very satisfied!"

5.0 Review from P.E. Source: Google Jan 02 2021

"Dr Kensing is a great doctor and has taken great care of my husband."

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Jan 01 2021

"Dr. Fenton is awesome he take all the time needed for his patients."

5.0 Review from B.N. Source: Google Jan 01 2021

"Very professional,feel real safe having procedure done there."

5.0 Review from K.N. Source: Google Jan 01 2021

"Dr Kensing is an excellent doctor . He spent time and found out what was wrong while countless others could not find anything .Me and my family have been seeing him for 15 years. Highly recommend!!!"

5.0 Review from L.S. Source: Google Dec 20 2020

"I had a very good visit post hospital with Dr. Fenton."

4.0 Review from T.P. Source: Google Dec 18 2020

"Knowledgeable, takes care of her patients."

5.0 Review from B.L. Source: Google Dec 18 2020

"Dr. Miller is my best Doctor!! I trust him completely!"

5.0 Review from R.M. Source: Google Dec 18 2020

"Great service would recommend there company 👍"

5.0 Review from T.D. Source: Google Dec 18 2020

"I received incredible care from awesome people! I highly recommend Dr Cari Sorrell and all the great staff! Everyone was caring and informative! Can’t get any better than that."

5.0 Review from L.B. Source: Google Dec 17 2020

"This process was quick and easy. A huge shout out to my nurse during my procedure, Karen D. She was the best and made me comfortable."

5.0 Review from G.F. Source: Google Dec 07 2020

"Excellent and very thorough care from Dr. Miller"

5.0 Review from B.S. Source: Google Dec 04 2020

"Always greeted with a smile. Dr. Kensing and his staff are very kind and helpful."

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Google Dec 04 2020

"Dr Kensing is a wonderful Dr would strongly recommend him to anyone. We have used him for 15 years."

4.0 Review from M.M. Source: Google Dec 03 2020

"Dr. Jabor and his staff are always professional, helpful and friendly. Dr Jabor always takes time during the appointment and answers any questions I may have."

5.0 Review from K.C. Source: Google Dec 03 2020

"Dr Fenton is friendly yet professional. He is knowledgeable about his field and I trust him Implicitly."

5.0 Review from M.F. Source: Google Dec 03 2020

"Very pleased with the care I receive whenever I need to go to them"

5.0 Review from D.R. Source: Google Dec 02 2020

"He is an excellent doctor he listens and he cares is very knowledgeable and can help you in any way excellent physician"

5.0 Review from T.H. Source: Google Nov 27 2020

"Great experience, staff is super nice and accommodating."

5.0 Review from E.V. Source: Google Nov 26 2020

"I went to this clinic for the first time, Dr Ganga was referred to me by a friend . Dr Ganga was very professional and very attentive to what I was explaining to her about my problems. I thought everyone was fairly nice ."

5.0 Review from E.D. Source: Google Nov 26 2020

"Everyone is very professional and informative. Doctor Ganga is the best doctor, in my opinion, when it comes to her patients' health."

5.0 Review from M.S. Source: Google Nov 23 2020

"Highly recommend Dr.Miller and his staff. Very personable and they care about their patients."

5.0 Review from A.B. Source: Google Nov 23 2020

"Dr Fenton is the best as far as I'm concerned. Dr Fenton found my Colon cancer back in 2017. He definitely is kind and knowledgeable at the same time, which is very important to me. His staff is also very good."

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Google Nov 23 2020

"Dr. sorrel was very attentive, listened, and then offered explanations and discussed options with me."

5.0 Review from T.J. Source: Google Nov 23 2020

"Dr. Fenton is the best!!"

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: Google Nov 23 2020

"Everyone was wonderful and went very smoothly!! Thank you!!"

5.0 Review from P.P. Source: Google Nov 22 2020

"This was for my husband. Dr. Millers office is friendly, helpful and experts in their field. Dr. Miller has an excellent and caring bedside manner, explaining procedures, results and plans of action in detail. We were very satisfied with the quality care given."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Nov 22 2020

"Very efficient office staff and physician. Really appreciate the service"

5.0 Review from J.E. Source: Google Nov 22 2020

"Amazing staff!!! Friendly and so helpful. Dr Miller is a fantastic!"

5.0 Review from D.M. Source: Google Nov 22 2020

"Dr. Fenton is so nice and caring! Other than the little things, in my opinion, he is the best gastroenterologist that i have been to,, and I have seen several! I got in to see him fairly quickly and he was very thorough in explaining medications, as well as my upcoming colonoscopy."

5.0 Review from S.L. Source: Google Nov 22 2020

"Everyone was very nice and helpful! The whole process was explained thoroughly and any question was answered immediately!"

5.0 Review from C.T. Source: Google Oct 15 2020

"Dr. Kensing is wonderful and caring. I would recommend him to anyone."

5.0 Review from A.S. Source: Google Oct 13 2020

"Dr.Ganga and her staff at LDDA is amazing dr.Ganga is also a great teacher as well she help me a lot when I was sick so that is why l gave them all five stars keep up the good work team."

5.0 Review from C.L. Source: Google Oct 13 2020

"I have had nothing but excellent service from Dr Miller and his office. He is very caring and very efficient. He is a wonderful doctor and I'm so glad that I found him."

5.0 Review from T.R. Source: Google Oct 13 2020

"I found Dr. Sorrell to be very professional and forthcoming in our recent visit"

5.0 Review from K.B. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"Dr Rakvit is very kind and thorough!"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"Dr. Miller and the staff at LDDA are truly amazing! As a physician, Dr. Miller’s method of connecting with me as patient makes me feel very confident on how he is going to treat my medical needs. I am extremely thankful that I have a physician that is concerned about me as a person and not just a patient. Thank God for Dr. Miller and LDDA!! I would highly recommend his services to anyone as he has me feeling great!!"

5.0 Review from K.G. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"Just meeting Dr. Sorrell was a real treat and she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed for your procedure."

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"A doctor who is caring and very serious about helping others. I would recommend her to anyone concerned about their well being and getting good medical treatment. I was diagnosed with a medical condition that had a serious impact on my awareness of the abuse my liver was exposed to. She was very helpful and reassuring. I didn't have insurance at the time and was concerned about her not accepting me. She did however, and stated that that should be the last of my concerns. She was here to help, and my health should be my first concern. Thank you, Dr. Ariwan Ravit, M.D., FACG!"

5.0 Review from K.B. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"Dr. GANGA treated me with professional caring advice, in and out of the hospital !!!"

5.0 Review from R.A. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"I appreciate you working with me and getting the procedure I needed done. I thank you for your swift and tentative time towards my needs"

5.0 Review from C.B. Source: Google Oct 12 2020

"Everyone was nice and extremely professional! My experience was exceptionally performed! In my books, I'll always use Dr Fenton as my Digestive Doctor! Thank you to Dr Fenton and his staff for their wonderful work and care!"

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Google Sep 29 2020

"I was treated with dignity and grace from everyone at the clinic and the hospital. Dr Fenton and his staff are exemplary! Trust is most important to me."

5.0 Review from L.V. Source: Google Sep 26 2020

"Very fast or at least it feels that way while your under! Lol, they did a great job! I was able to walk after the colonoscopy 😂😂 also guys don’t fear this!! It’s no big deal!! It’s better then dying of colon cancer!!"

5.0 Review from G.G. Source: Google Sep 26 2020

"Comfortable, safe and very friendly staff. Dr Miller was very informative and explained everything perfectly."

5.0 Review from A.G. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"Dr. Ganga was very professional. She thoroughly explain the procedure she is going to do. The staff were professional,friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Ganga"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"was very good visit"

5.0 Review from D.S. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"Excellent Doctor."

5.0 Review from W. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"Dr Jabor was professional, straight and to the point. It was comforting in knowing I was in good hands. Dr Jabor had excellent bed side manned and would highly recommend him to anyone."

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"I would like to thank the LDDA, Lubbock Digestion Disease Associates. Staff, front office, nurses, and Dr. Ariwan Rakvit, M.D., FACG for speaking to me with clear and informative information that was given to me. The procedure was painless. I would encourage anyone that is need of their services to call and setup an appointment for peace of mind for yourself. Thank you, Adam Ramirez"

5.0 Review from J.W. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"Sorrels is so very kind and sits and listens to you.Appreciate all her help! She is Awesome!"

5.0 Review from S.C. Source: Google Sep 25 2020

"Everyone that we came in contact with were kind, courteous and very helpful. We didn’t have to wait very long to see the doctor and we felt very comfortable asking any questions that we had. We appreciated the fact that we were told exactly what the problem was and what the next step would be. We were kept informed and the follow up was great. Dr. Kelly Kensing was awesome and we felt comfortable asking him about any of our concerns. When we needed more testing, he was able to get us in quickly. We highly recommend Dr. Kensing. Thank you to him and this group of professionals"

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Google Aug 30 2020

"Staff was friendly answered any questions I had & made sure my comfort was a priority. Dr. Miller was thorough and very personable with the procedure & asked more than once if I had any concerns/questions. A very pleasant experience."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Aug 23 2020

"Dr. Miller is providing excellent care. I'm very confident I'm in good hands."

5.0 Review from R.T. Source: Google Aug 21 2020

"Had good experience appt.was on time procedure went well, all staff was polite and very professional Dr. Rakvit is the greatest I highly recommend LDDA and Dr. Rakvit"

5.0 Review from J.W. Source: Google Aug 21 2020

"Dr. Miller and his entire staff are top notch. They were very polite and thorough from the pre op and procedure. They then followed up with a phone call to check on my status. Highly recommend Dr. Miller."

5.0 Review from V.W. Source: Google Aug 21 2020

"Dr. Miller and his staff are always professional, efficient and courteous. I’ve never had an unpleasant experience with him or the other professionals."

5.0 Review from J.T. Source: Google Aug 20 2020

"Dr Ariwan Rakvit, MD Is a very professional and Thorough Doctor. I would recommend her to anyone needing help. The office staff are all very professional as well as the Nurses and everyone there. They make you feel comfortable and are willing to help you if you need it. Overall in my opinion this is one of the best GI doctors out there."

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: Google Aug 20 2020

"I had been feeling pain and nausea. I got recommended to Dr. Sorrell and she’s took very good care of me. I feel so much better and found out what was causing it and how to take take of myself going forward. I still see her for check ups. I greatly appreciated her willingness to help me and understand my problems. Thank you Dr. Sorrell. You changed my life"

5.0 Review from G.Y. Source: Google Aug 20 2020

"Very professional, thorough Doctor. I trust that I am in good hands with Dr Miller."

5.0 Review from K.M. Source: Google Mar 12 2020

"Dr Ganga is wonderful! Great bedside manner. Really listens to her patients. The office and other staff have been wonderful each time myself or other family members have needed to call. My brother was in process of testing for kidney transplant approval. He needed a colonoscopy as part of his clearance. OF course I said, we're making an appointment with Dr. Ganga. The office staff & the nurses were great in working with this first time patient, getting the needed paperwork where it had to go, etc. First class treatment all the way!"

5.0 Review from K.D. Source: Google Jul 22 2019

"Dr Miller and his staff is very nice, very caring.... I was treated with care and the upmost respect... I highly recommend Dr Miller.... I give them 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐+..."

5.0 Review from V.C. Source: Google May 31 2018

"Dr. Miller is amazing I guess basically you can say he save my life he found Esophageal cancer about two years ago. He treated it very vigorously he stayed on top of the whole way. Its cleared up now but we still watch it about once a year my whole family goes to him and we just love him"

5.0 Review from A.B. Source: Google Sep 18 2016

"I have been going here for years they are terrific"

5.0 Review from H. Source: Google Jun 10 2016

"Great doctors!"