What to Expect During the Clinical Trial

  1. The research staff will explain the trial in detail and gather more information about you.
  2. Once you have had all your questions answered and agree to participate, you sign an informed consent form.
  3. You are further screened to make sure you qualify for the trial.
  4. If accepted into the trial, you schedule the first visit, called the "baseline" visit. The researchers may conduct cognitive or physical tests during this visit.
  5. You are then randomly assigned to a treatment or control group.
  6. You and your family members follow the trial procedures and report any issues or concerns to researchers.
  7. As needed, you will be scheduled for new cognitive, physical, or other evaluations and discussions with staff. At these visits, the research team collects information about the effects of the intervention and your safety and well-being.
  8. You continue to see your regular physician for usual health care throughout the study.

Once the study is complete, researchers will measure the outcomes and assess the safety of the new treatment to determine its viability for use in other patients. Trial participants are informed of their results, including any side effects of the trial protocol.

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