Patient Reviews

GI Alliance physicians are among the most reputable and distinguished gastroenterologists across the nation. Focused on clinical excellence and patient-centered care, our specialists seek to be the partner you need in your quest for better health. We value patient feedback and appreciate every review we receive from those we are privileged to treat. For your convenience, we have gathered a collection of reviews, stories, and testimonials provided by patients who have visited our practices. We welcome you to explore the feedback below to learn more about what it means to be a patient of GI Alliance.

5.0 Review from G.O. Source: Google Apr 08 2024

"Dr. Sanjay Nayyar is the best!! Went in to the Allen DHAT - the staff was friendly and explained everything that was going to happen. Felt very comfortable and confident I was in good hands. Brenda & Gary Owen"

5.0 Review from R.F. Source: Google Mar 29 2024

"Everything went very well as far as I am concerned! Thanks!"

5.0 Review from K.R. Source: Google Mar 29 2024

"The process was simpler and the staff was courteous."

5.0 Review from C.R. Source: Google Mar 21 2024

"I was very comfortable and confident in the Doctor’s"

5.0 Review from P.F. Source: Google Mar 20 2024

"Re: Dr. Sanjay Nayyar saved my husband’s life in the hospital.( Internal bleeding )He continues with follow up care. Dr. Nayyar & his staff are kind efficient & knowledgeable. We ask a lot of questions, that are answered patiently."

5.0 Review from D.B. Source: Google Jan 13 2024

"Excellent patient care! I was very impressed with his personal care and comprehensive approach."

5.0 Review from K.K. Source: Google Dec 22 2023

"Dr. Sanjay Nayyar stands out as an exceptional gastroenterologist, providing top-notch care to his patients. His approach involves recommending only essential diagnostics and medications, while also offering insightful suggestions for home remedies and improved dietary habits. He is always approachable and provides personalized care. Strongly recommended Dr Nayyar."

5.0 Review from G.T. Source: Google Dec 20 2023

"Fast professional and knowledgeable"

5.0 Review from A.H. Source: Google Nov 10 2023

"good and neat and clean place"

5.0 Review from J.C. Source: Google Oct 13 2023

"Very good first visit. Staff was friendly as well as helpful. Dr. Nayyar was very thorough and explained how the rest of my treatment will proceed."

5.0 Review from P.H. Source: Google Sep 30 2023

"Dr Nayyar and his staff are professional and pleasant to work with. I was able to come in for consultation and get my colonoscopy screening the same week. Thank you Dr Nayyar."

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Google Sep 27 2023

"Great staff here. They are kind, patient, and laugh at my jokes. Honestly, Dr. Nayyar is a brilliant, thorough gastroenterologist. I like his honesty."

5.0 Review from R.N. Source: Google Sep 22 2023

"Dr. Nayyar and his staff are the best. I highly recommend him and his staff to everyone. Thank you Dr. Nayyar and staff for taking great care of me:)"

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Sep 22 2023

"Had upper and lower G.I. No issues. Excellent."

5.0 Review from L.I. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"Excellent experience at this doctors office. The front office was friendly and kind. Everyone was very helpful. Dr Nayyar listens and provides feedback that is both helpful and honest."

5.0 Review from L.B. Source: Google Sep 12 2023

"Excellent facility. Very professional staff. Clean environment."

5.0 Review from C.G. Source: Google Sep 01 2023

"The office of Digestive Health Associates, specifically, Dr. Sanjay Nayyar, makes me feel like my concerns are valid. The staff are professional but very friendly and always helpful. Dr. Nayyar is always willing to listen and helps me with my questions and concerns. When I had my colonoscopy and endoscopy, everyone helped to make me feel comfortable during unpleasant procedures. I’ve been visiting this office for 2 years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else."

4.0 Review from D.K. Source: Google Aug 31 2023

"Though I had to wait longer than anticipated for the anesthesiologist, Dr. Nayyar was great. Once the procedure got started, everything went swimmingly."

5.0 Review from R.B. Source: Google Aug 04 2023

"Dr Sanjay Nayyar was very knowledgeable, professional, straightforward, and thorough in identifying my gastrointestinal problems and curing them."

5.0 Review from D.B. Source: Google Jul 21 2023

"1st visit with Dr. Nayyar was good. Staff is polite and professional. Dr. Nayyar listened to me and checked my reports from prior tests/doctors. He caught something my previous GI Dr failed to relay to me. Happy to say we now have a plan to fix my problem."

5.0 Review from R.L. Source: Google Jul 18 2023

"Dr.Sanjay Nayyar and staff are very professional and the nurses were extra nice and caring.The facility is very clean and accommodating.If I have to do another colonoscopy again I wouldn't hesitate to come back to this facility again and use Dr. Sanjay."

5.0 Review from P.D. Source: Google Jan 25 2023

"Excellent care, timely solutions, and fantastic bedside manner. Highly recommend Dr. Nayyar."

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Google Oct 25 2022

"The experience was flawless. The team said what they would do and did what they said, professionally and courteously. Afterwards I had no discomfort or even recollection that it happened."

5.0 Review from C.L. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Fast, friendly, and professional care!"

5.0 Review from D.G. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Extremely professional, and very friendly, I definitely would recommend this place to anyone looking to have any procedure associated with their specialty."

5.0 Review from W.H. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Very thoughtful and thorough!!"

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Google Aug 25 2022

"Everyone was kind and caring from the front desk to the nurses and doctors."

5.0 Review from V.A. Source: Google Jul 25 2022

"Dr Sanjay is an excellent doctor"

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Jul 25 2022

"My experience with Dr.Nayar was excellent. Both he and his staff were friendly, and very much on top of things. Though s short experience, it was a ideal. He is now my go-to Dr. got all GI issues!"

5.0 Review from B.H. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Nayarit was professional and kind."

5.0 Review from C.K. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Nayyar, his staff, front office folks, all are a winning team. They made the process for having this procedure easy and stress free. They took care of everything and were very patient and timely in answering all my questions. Noone likes this procedure but you have to get it done and you might as well have a great Dr. and team on your side. RECOMMENDED."

5.0 Review from E.R. Source: Google May 25 2022

"This was a great experience I'm at the age where the colon exam was needed the whole team was pleasant Dr Nayyar was cool easy to talk to made me feel comfortable. Before I knew it it was done he came by explained what happened and what I needed to add in my diet good job!"

5.0 Review from D.L. Source: Google May 25 2022

"He was great. Good communication with pre and post op conferences."

5.0 Review from Y.W. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Nayyar and his staff are thorough professionals. Dr. Nayyar is caring, a good listener, easy to talk to and thoughtful. I had good experience working with his nurse Diana as well. Even during the year end holiday season she was super responsive and helped me in scheduling a procedure in time."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google May 25 2022

"The level of service I received from Dr. Nayyar and his staff were exceptional. Exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased. James Salazar"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Sanjay Nayyar MD of DHAT (Digestive Health Associates of Texas) performed a screening colonoscopy on me 6/30/2021. As this was my first experience with the procedure, I had concerns and questions prior to the appointment. Diana, the Medical Assistant was very helpful in providing material and responding to my questions regarding the preparation for the colonoscopy; I was treated with kindness, respect, and patience in my interactions, and never made to feel ‘dumb’ or bothersome about my concerns. I was pleased with the efficient professionalism of Diana. On the morning of my procedure, I found the waiting area to be clean and comfortable. I was greeted professionally by the receptionist, who was efficient and friendly in handling the necessary paperwork. The nurses who came to the waiting room to call patients back for their procedures were professional, and their demeaner was calming in their interactions with patients and others in the waiting room. When I was called in for my procedure, I was again met with most efficient, professional staff and clean surroundings. Dr. Nayyar took time to answer my questions, explaining the procedure in more detail. When I was sufficiently awake from the anesthesia, I was escorted by the nurse to a covered parking area where my friend had been instructed to park and wait for me. Overall, my experience – initially somewhat dreaded – was handled professionally and efficiently. I highly recommend Dr. Nayyar and his office to anyone searching for a gastroenterology practice. I would rate my visit as incredible, unexpected incredible – 10. Randy Stephens"

5.0 Review from D.A. Source: Google May 25 2020

"A very nice office. Staff is very nice, polite and very efficient. Dr. Nayyar is prompt, very informative and patient, answering all your questions. Very professional and also very kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Nayyar and his staff."

5.0 Review from S.K. Source: Google May 25 2020

"I have been consulting with Dr Sanjay over a year now. He is very professional, listens patiently and best of all puts the time and effort to understand my case and do the right thing. My case file is more than 200 pages because of the previous history from California. He took all the time required to go through. Dr Sanjay is calm, composed and very approachable. I am happy to have Dr. Sanjay as my doctor."

5.0 Review from J.F. Source: Google May 25 2020

"Dr Nayyar was an extremely helpful and kind doctor. He was very thorough and provided many helpful recommendations. I recommend! The negative reviewer does not understand that doctors often save lives at a nearby hospital when they have to leave for an emergency."

5.0 Review from M. Source: Google May 25 2020

"Dr. Nayyar is an outstanding and phenomenal doctor! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease six years ago and have went to at least four or five different GIs/specialist over the years and was treated awful and even in some instances very cruel from the very doctors and nurses who were supposed to be the people to try to help me. I felt like nothing but a number on a check stub, a statistic, a guinea pig etc. I was beginning to feel hopeless. A complete and utter nightmare! Finding Dr. Nayyar and his staff was an absolute God send! A miracle even, especially after all I had already gone through with this horrible illness. Dr. Nayyar has a very professional bedside manner. He is caring, humble, empathetic, and treats his patients with the upmost respect and sincerity! I feel very thankful to have finally found a GI team that actually has my health and best interest at heart! He is a great listener and will take all the time you need to explain anything and everything so you feel confident and at ease. Dr. Nayyar always goes above and beyond to do what all he needs to do for his patients! I will always highly recommend Dr. Nayyar and his team! —In response to the previous review about Dr. Nayyar being late for someone’s office appointment because he had an emergency at the hospital, well, I would only hope and pray he’d be late to an office appointment VS not being there to help me or a loved one who happen to be the “emergency“ and was desperately needing his help while in the hospital. And I’m sure deep down the person that got bent out of shape because of the doctor being late to his “office appointment”, would sure hope the same thing too if he was the one with an emergency! JS"

5.0 Review from M.Z. Source: Google May 25 2020

"My mom had colon cancer at 49 we went to a luncheon at Baylor where Dr. Nayyar spoke. I learned a lot from the luncheon and I actually told a friend to go see him and they rushed her colonoscopy because she was going out if the country she had a great experience with him and found him to be very patient,made her feel comfortable, and a good listener. I had my first appointment last week the only downside is that it seems like it takes about 2 weeks to get an appointment, but that is a good sign that the doctor is busy. I did have to wait 1 hour in the waiting room to see the doctor which was a tad frustrating however when I did see the doctor he fully listened to me and explained everything I did not feel rushed at all so I feel like it was worth the wait."

5.0 Review from L.J. Source: Google May 25 2019

"Dr.Nayyar has been very patient friendly and knowledgeable from the first time we walked into his office. He is very easy to talk to and he takes his time to listen to you and able to take time with you and explain in layman terms., so when you leave you feel confident and understand what your medicine is, how to take it and what to do by next appt. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"