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LiverMultiScan is the leading noninvasive assessment of the liver. LiverMultiScan produces a report with measurements of your liver tissue health. This is done using a quick MRI scan that does not require any injections of contrast agents. The report includes a series of images of your liver, and measurements that are linked to levels of fat, iron, inflammation, and scarring (fibrosis). The LiverMultiScan is:

  • A safe and non-invasive assessment
  • Able to aid clinicians in the diagnosis of liver disorders
  • A quick MRI scan
  • Contrast-free

If you have additional questions about LiverMultiScan, please contact a local gastroenterologist through GI Alliance.


An MRI technologist will help you to get into a comfortable position on the scanning bed and you will have a plastic belt (known as a coil) placed on your abdomen. You will be given headphones so that you can talk to the MRI Technologist during the scan. You will also be given a button to press in case you want to come out of the scanner before the scan is finished.

Once you are comfortable, the MRI Technologist will move the bed into the center of the scanner. You will be asked to lie still, breathe in and out and hold your breath while your liver is scanned. It is quite noisy inside the scanner, but the headphones will help to reduce the volume.

LiverMultiScan gives three measures of liver tissue health which correspond to levels of fibro-inflammation, iron, and fat in your liver. Information provided by LiverMultiScan can be used as an additional diagnostic input giving your clinician a better understanding of your liver health and helping them make a more informed decision, leaving you with peace of mind. If you would like to know more about how the LiverMultiScan can help you, please contact your local GI Alliance and speak to an expert gastroenterologist.

The LiverMultiScan is available to any patients referred by a physician for an MRI to assess their liver health. Patients with a wide variety of liver conditions can access the LiverMultiScan and gain valuable insights into their condition. As a diagnostic tool, the LiverMultiScan is noninvasive and provides patients and doctors with the knowledge they require to continue or begin treatment. To learn more about LiverMultiScan and other innovative procedures for treating conditions of the GI tract, contact an expert gastroenterologist through your local GI Alliance.

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From the moment I walked in the door at 7:30 a.m. to the time I left to go home, I had a 5-star experience with Dr. Seetharam and his team. My first interaction at the Endoscopy Center was with the two receptionists, both of whom were warm and welcoming. They both put my anxiety at ease with their smiles. Next up was the team that took my vitals and inserted my IV. Again a terrific experience - both of these team members were very personable and any fears I had dissipated right away. The team inside the Endoscopy Room similarly displayed the same level of warmth and compassion as the team members that I previously interacted with - it is clear that all team members at the Center receive the highest level of patient care training. My last (but not least!) interaction was with Dr. Seetharam. He has one of the best bedside manners of any doctors I have ever interacted with. Again, like his other team members, he exudes warmth and compassion. Thank you to the Scottsdale Endoscopy Center for a 5-Star Experience!

L.H. Google

Dr Vinson is a great doctor. He actually listens so he can provide the solution

K.G. Google

I really liked Dr. Piesman and I am glad that I was referred to him by another doctor. Dr. Piesman got my endoscopy done before I left town on a trip. The thing I liked the best was that he respected my thoughts on my health, even if he may not have agreed. My only complaint was that I felt rushed in my initial appointment and forgot a few other things I wanted to tell him. Other than that, I am very satisfied and look forward to discussing other aspects of my health with him.

J.H. Google

I have been a patient of Dr. Rau's for many years. She is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! She is always concerned and NEVER rushes you through your appointment. She listens and caringly gives you her advice. I recommend her to the world! Just love her! Her staff is very friendly also!

M.M. Google


G.J. Google


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