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Research Studies

GI Alliance Department of Clinical Research and Education brings the future of gastroenterology medicine to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We strive to provide exceptional patient care, state of the art standard of care treatments, and cutting edge research for patients with gastrointestinal & liver disorders

Why Perform Clinical Research?

We believe that there is always opportunity for innovation and improvements in health care. Our highly skilled research team strives toward the end goal of  development of new therapies to improve the lives of our patients.

As technology and different techniques evolve, we strive to find new innovations that make therapies safer, more effective, and intuitive for the user.

Research is accomplished through the collection of data and results within clinical trials.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are offered for six different gastrointestinal and liver diseases: fatty liver disease, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, eosinophilic esophagitis, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), and ulcerative colitis. The therapies and treatments that are utilized at clinical trials are the outcome of the best results from extensive studies performed earlier in the process. These options are often unavailable within traditional health care for another five to ten years, and offer access to novel solutions where other established treatments have failed.

If you are interested in volunteering for a clinical trial, fill out the form on this page to be matched to the correct trial for you.

What Does Clinical Research Look Like?

At GI Alliance, clinical research examines all aspects of life, including nutritional and behavioral health and inspecting their effects on the patient’s disease and standard of living. Volunteers for clinical trials:

  • could participate free of cost to the patient
  • gain access to novel therapies
  • gain access to cutting edge medications
  • receive personalized and frequent treatment for their condition

Not only will the patient be given access to exciting new advancements in health care, but their specific disease will be monitored with more personalized and frequent care than in a traditional treatment setting.

GI Alliance Research Team

Our research team is comprised of two dedicated medical doctors: Dr. J. Casey Chapman, and Dr. Timothy Ritter. Each of our head researchers works with a highly skilled professional team to address your specific needs and develop new treatments.

Our team of highly skilled researchers are passionate about finding new and innovative solutions in gastrointestinal and liver care

    We will reach out to you to provide more information.

    Timothy Ritter, M.D.
    Senior Medical Research Director

    J. Casey Chapman, M.D.
    Regional Medical Research Director

    Brooke Hodnick, P.A.
    Physician Assistant