IGH Prep

Preparing for a Procedure


Following the prep instructions prior to your colonoscopy is crucial to a successful exam. If the colon is not adequately prepped, polyps and lesions can be missed, the procedure may take longer than necessary or the whole process may need to be rescheduled.
The day before your procedure, do not eat solid food. You may consume clear liquids such as clear broth, black coffee, tea, clear juice(apple, white grape), clear soft drinks, jell-o, etc.
You will generally begin drinking you prep in the afternoon on the day before your procedure. Please refer to the specific instructions provided by our office. The liquid will trigger bowel-clearing diarrhea which may begin within 30 minutes to several hours of drinking the solution. You will want to stay close to the restroom while doing your prep!
The day of your procedure, you may continue to drink clear liquids until 4 hours prior to your procedure. You will drink a second dose of the prep roughly 6 hours before your procedure as directed in your instructions. While it may be tempting to skip the second dose, it is important to complete the entire prep in order to guarantee an adequate exam.
The preparation may be time-consuming and uncomfortable but is worth the hassle! Colonoscopy can detect and remove polyps which can potentially develop into cancer. It can also detect small cancers while they are treatable.
If you have questions regarding your prep, please call our office at 317-865-2955 ext. 4300 to speak with a representative.


Prepping for an upper endoscopy is fairly simple. Simply do not eat solid food after midnight on the night before your exam. You may drink clear liquids until 4 hours before your exam.
Download the IGH Prep PDF file