How Telehealth Saved A Patient's Life - Dr. Weber and Dr. Ramos on USA TODAY!

By: GI Alliance


"Cynthia Peeters' stomach started hurting in mid-February as COVID-19 began dominating the news.

By April, the pain was overwhelming, but she was too anxious about the virus to go to the doctor. Her gastroenterologist did a cellphone video visit with her and suggested a diet change. When it got worse last month, Dr. Christopher Ramos did another video call and told Peeters to come in for a colonoscopy.

The diagnosis: Colon cancer, caught just in time.

"If telehealth was not available, I fear that we would have gotten to her diagnosis too late, and the cancer would have spread," said Dr. James Weber, CEO of Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, where Ramos works. "Telehealth access most certainly allowed us to take care of this patient and likely save...

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