Dr. Miller On KBCD - How To Prevent A Future Hospital Stay

By: GI Alliance


"By Karin McCay | November 5, 2020 at 10:32 PM CST - Updated November 5 at 10:33 PM LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Last year, about 8% of adults in this country delayed or neglected medical care because of the cost. This year, the CDC estimates at least 40% of Americans have delayed or cancelled a medical appointment because of the pandemic. Dr. Timothy Miller is a Gastroenterologist who says putting off important health care could lead to a hospital stay that might have been prevented. He says it all started in March, when a growing fear of COVID-19 was fueled in part by an order from the governor to ban elective surgeries. Dr. Miller says, “No one could put a glove on unless you were dealing with a dying patient.” Now, in November, with our hospitalization rate at 23 percent, we are faced with the same order from the governor... no elective surgeries. And Dr. Tim Miller says patients are going to pay the price because they don’t understand what that means. He says, “People are so afraid to be in a health care setting right now, that they’re ignoring other potentially dangerous signs of other illnesses.” Elective surgery means something you can plan when it’s convenient for you, as opposed to a surgery that is urgent." Click Here to Read More on KCBD