Dr. Pradeep Kumar Discusses HyGieacare Colonoscopy Preparation

Dr. Pradeep Kumar, a gastroenterologist with Austin Gastro, explains how HyGieacare, a same-day bowel prep, works as compared to a traditional bowel preps. Traditionally, before a person has a colonoscopy, they need to do a bowel prep which can mean drinking lots of fluid and running to the bathroom, sometimes disrupting a person's sleep. HyGieacare is an alternative that is done on the same day, just before the procedure, where the person's colon is completely cleaned out for them. Having a completely clean colon is critical to the gastroenterolgist being able to see polyps, lesions or any other abnormalities during a screening or diagnostic colonoscopy. Many people avoid or procrastinate their colonoscopy because they don't like drinking a lot of fluids, which is part of the traditional bowel prep, or they cannot afford to lose a good night's sleep. HyGieacare removes those barriers.

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