Dr. Adam Hafemeister: Can Polyps Be Removed During a Screening Colonoscopy

Many people wonder what happens if a polyp is found during their screening colonoscopy. Can it be removed right away? Would a second procedure have to be scheduled to remove it? Dr. Adam Hafemeister, with Austin Gastroenterology says yes, most of the time polyps can be removed during the initial screening colonoscopy. Only rarely, depending on the size and a few other situations, would a patient need to come back for a second colonoscopy to have the polyp removed. Remember, a colonoscopy is the only screening option that can both detect AND prevent colon cancer at the same time. Our goal is to catch & remove colon polyps before they have a chance to develop into cancer. Everyone 45+ should start a conversation with their physician about their family history of colon polyps and colon cancer to determine the age you should start screening. Most people with average risk should have their first screening at age 50.

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