What Are the Risk Factors for Fatty Liver Disease?

Your liver is the second largest organ in your body and carries out several vital functions, like producing bile, processing glucose, and filtering blood. Long-term damage to this vital organ can result in liver cirrhosis, a medical problem where scar tissue takes over healthy areas of tissue. Several health factors and liver problems could lead… Read more »

Cirrhosis Of The Liver: Signs, Stages, And Treatments

The liver is one of the most essential organs of your body, playing a vital role in metabolism and the removal of toxins. Cirrhosis is a hardening and scarring of the liver that occurs as a result of disease and harm to the organ, such as hepatitis infection or alcoholism. Left untreated, cirrhosis will cause… Read more »

What Are The Signs Of Liver Damage?

You might call the liver the body’s Smart Organ. It takes everything we have ingested and sends it in the right direction as waste or fuel. It metabolizes medications. It takes excess sugar up from the bloodstream, and If the blood sugar drops too low, it releases it again. The liver breaks down and recycles… Read more »

Liver Damage Symptoms Your Doctor Wants You To Know About

Did you know that the liver is capable of repairing its own damaged tissues? This means that, in some cases, liver damage is reversible. However, liver conditions exist that can cause permanent damage, so it is critical that liver damage symptoms are identified and treated as quickly as possible. At Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, we… Read more »