Binh Pham Removes Colon Polyp During Fellow Gastroenterologists Screening Colonoscopy final

When it was time for Dr. Harish Gagneja's first colonoscopy upon his 50th birthday, he called upon his friend and business partner, Dr. Binh Pham to perform his procedure. Both physicians are gastroenterologists with Austin Gastroenterology in Austin, Texas. Dr. Gagneja decided to invite cameras in to document his experience having his own colonoscopy to clear up some common misconceptions about the colonoscopy prep, the procedure itself, and the recovery afterward. During the colonoscopy, Dr. Pham shows us exactly why following the instructions of the bowel prep and having a clean colon is such an important part of the process. During the procedure, Dr. Pham detected and removed a colon polyp from Dr. Gagneja, preventing it from ever developing into colon cancer. Colon cancer is the 2nd deadliest cancer in men & women in the United States, yet 1 in 3 people are not being screened as recommended. Everyone 50+,, or with a family history of colon cancer should be screened at least every 10 years. A colonoscopy is the only screening test that can detect and remove colon cancer at the same time.

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