Austin Gastro's Northwest Clinic: An Aerial View

Austin Gastro's Northwest Clinic is located at 8015 Shoal Creek Boulevard in Suite 118, which is located in the back left corner of the complex. Providers in this clinic include: Dr. Shiv Desai Dr. Kenneth Ellis Dr. Vijay Poreddy Dr. Glenn Robinson Dr. William Stassen Dr. John Ziebert Austin Gastro occupies multiple suites in this office complex, including our Infusion Center in Suite 109, Pill Cam, Manometry and HygieaCare in Suite 111, and our Endoscopy Center in Suite 300. In addition to these AG facilities in this office complex, Austin Gastro has an additional office building located at 7951 Shoal Creek Boulevard. Austin Gastro has 17 clinics and 3 endoscopy centers located throughout the greater Austin area. We hope every patient's experience with Austin Gastro is a great one.

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