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11 Common Causes Of Rectal Bleeding

Why is there blood in my stool? It’s a question we never want to ask, but it’s one in vital need of an answer. Even a slight presence of blood in your stool or on the toilet tissue hints that bleeding is occurring in the digestive tract. The darker the appearance of the blood, the… Read more »

Treating Acute Pancreatitis

A sudden, painful inflammation of the pancreas, acute pancreatitis is difficult to self-diagnose but in desperate need of treatment. The pain can last several days and may have a variety of causes. Early detection can save your body from pain and further trauma, which is why we’ve compiled a few tips for diagnosing and treating… Read more »

Is The Stretta Procedure The Right Move?

Acid reflux. Coughing. Difficulty swallowing. If you suffer from heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), these symptoms are all too familiar. But how can you stop them? First, talk with a gastroesophageal expert. Over-reliance on medical web resources can lead to improper self-diagnosis and potentially harmful self-treatment. Many different diseases and disorders can present with the same… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Hiatal Hernias

Digestive disorders are a part of everyday life for millions of Americans. Diet, stress, and chronic conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)all contribute to disrupting proper digestion. A lesser-known cause of digestive problems is herniation or the presence of hernias. A hernia occurs when an internal organ or fatty tissue forces itself into an area where… Read more »

Hemorrhoid Prevention

Oh, no. Not again. Those burning, painful bumps that seem to itch at the worst times have reappeared down there. Hemorrhoids. You’ve put up with their sudden reappearance and disappearance for years, but now it’s time to get serious about prevention. Check out these tips for hemorrhoid prevention and consult with a digestive specialist today. Listen to your… Read more »

Digestion Tips For Athletes

Spring has sprung. While you can’t wait to take advantage of the long days and get moving, we want to make sure your digestion can keep up with your hot feet. Just as it strengthens your muscles, regular exercise, along with a diet high in fiber, can strengthen the digestive system over time. Allow 2-3… Read more »

The Gastric Balloon Procedure: Is It Right For Me?

Very few American adults are pleased with their weight.  It’s what leads us to spend billions every year on dieting and weight loss. We all want to look and feel our best and we know that a healthy weight can protect us from a wide range of troublesome health conditions.  Yet, for many, that ideal… Read more »