Patient Reviews

GI Alliance physicians are among the most reputable and distinguished gastroenterologists across the nation. Focused on clinical excellence and patient-centered care, our specialists seek to be the partner you need in your quest for better health. We value patient feedback and appreciate every review we receive from those we are privileged to treat. For your convenience, we have gathered a collection of reviews, stories, and testimonials provided by patients who have visited our practices. We welcome you to explore the feedback below to learn more about what it means to be a patient of GI Alliance.

5.0 Review from E.F. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Persich is a fantastic doctor. He is very thorough and easy to talk to. He will answer all your questions very sufficiently."

5.0 Review from F.C. Source: Google May 25 2022

"It has been a blessing to have Been a patient of Dr. Persich I’m sorry for me that he is retiring and very happy for him May God Bless Him & May he live a life of Peace Love & Laughter"

5.0 Review from D.E. Source: Google Apr 28 2022

"Staff very kind, helpful & friendly! Dr Persich is wonderful. He allows all questions & answers all as well. Then he finishes by asking is there anything else you need!?? He’s a winner!!"

5.0 Review from J.E. Source: Google Apr 14 2022

"I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Persich to any friend, family, or coworker. When I first started out going to Metropolitan Gastroneurology Assosiates, I wasn’t pleased at first with another doctor and then God and my instincts led me to trying with another doctor and it being Dr. Persich. BEST DECISION I could of ever made. Since then I have been nothing but happy and getting answers. The overall office is so nice and helpful to from receptionists, nurses, and billing. He as the doctor though is amazing, very thorough, caring, respectful, him or his Nurse Ms. Susan always returns your call right away, he will even call you to talk to you about your health on his own time after hours, and goes out of his way to test or find other options to make you as the patient feel most comfortable. I am probably one of his hardest and annoying patients because of my case but yet he has not given up on me, still yet! Go to him while you can and you will not be disappointed. Overall after all he has done for me, I learned a lot about myself but the body as well and my case all THANKS to Dr. Persich!"

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: Google Feb 17 2022

"Dr Persisch is so good at what he does because he genuinely cares about you. He is so personal and has so much experience in his field. He makes me feel at ease while going through some difficult situations."

5.0 Review from R.P. Source: Google Feb 17 2022

"Dr Persich is a great doctor. I did not feel rushed. He took the time to sit and talk to me. Explained everything and made sure I understood. Great bedside manner. Would highly recommend."

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: Google Feb 02 2022

"Very knowledgeable, great bedside manner."

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: Google Jan 22 2022

"Dr. Persich is friendly. He is professional and thorough when he talks with you. He answers all questions you may have. I trust his judgement and abilities. I have been going to Dr. Persich for at least twelve years. I have no reservations in recommending him."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Jan 09 2022

"Dr. Persich and his staff are amazing! His nurse Susan is very sweet and I always get quick responses when I need to use the patient portal. He really listens to what you have to say and tries to come up with a solution to the problem. I have been having issues for many years and went to a few different doctors and was waved off by giving me medication and when the problem was solved nothing else was done. But with Dr. Persich he's not giving up on me! And words can not describe how much I appreciate that!"

5.0 Review from E.W. Source: Google Dec 23 2021

"Dr. Persich is an excellent and caring physician. He always listens to my concerns and answers any questions that I may have."

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Google Dec 18 2021

"Dr. Persius has done most of my colonoscopies. I wouldn’t have had another one done since I am 75, but my experience with. Dr. Persius has been so positive, I was willing to do it one more time."

5.0 Review from C.W. Source: Google Dec 07 2021

"Dr.Persich is a good listener. He is very knowledgeable and and reassuring."

4.0 Review from S.V. Source: Google Nov 23 2021

"An out of network anesthesiologist was used for my procedure in May of 2021, and now I owe Anesthesiology Affiliates $780.00. My Heath insurance provider, Blue Cross, will not pay this claim since it is out of network. I called Dr. Persich’s office several times to find out why they used an out of network anesthesiologist for my procedure. The doctor, facility, and lab were in network. As of October 2021 there has been no explanation. When I speak to the billing department, they give me a number to call to speak to a supervisor, but the call goes to voicemail and no one returns my call. Follow-up to original post: My bill was adjusted from $780.00 to $500.00. I am revising my review."

5.0 Review from R.P. Source: Google Oct 11 2021

"Everyone was kind and did a good job. I am glad to meet Dr. Persich. They also did a fellow up to make sure I was well after my test."

5.0 Review from W.J. Source: Google Aug 30 2021

"Dr. Persich is caring and thoughtful. He has helped me significantly and has taken excellent card of my medical needs."

5.0 Review from C.D. Source: Google Aug 25 2021

"Dr. Persich is a very good doctor. He is very knowledgeable. He listens to your questions and takes his time answering them. You never feel rushed. If he orders tests or procedures, he explains them. If I leave a message for him to call me, either he or his wonderful nurse, Susan, always calls me back. I would certainly recommend him."

5.0 Review from H.B. Source: Google Aug 19 2021

"I have been see dr Persich I love how he cares about his patients and he takes his time until we understand s. Gail Boss"

5.0 Review from R.L. Source: Google Aug 19 2021

"Great dr. Nice, knd and very understanding of others"

5.0 Review from J.O. Source: Google Aug 19 2021

"I've been seeing Dr. Nicholas Persich for a little over two decades. When I needed a G.I. doctor I opened my phone book back then and found the first doctor for my issue and it was him. I wouldn't go to any other doctor unless he retires or referred me to someone else he trusted. He's easy going and to the point, friendly and shows he cares for his patients. This is one doctor I would highly recommend to anyone for their G.I. issues. Thanks for all you've done for me Dr. P."

5.0 Review from L. Source: Google Jul 31 2021

"He’s a good doctor. Explains everything and listens."

4.0 Review from J.A. Source: Google Jul 30 2021

"Doctor was very attentive to my diagnosis and provided medications that have shown progress. Very satisfied."

5.0 Review from T. Source: Google Jul 27 2021

"Dr. Persich is one of the most personable, caring doctors I’ve ever been to.. He goes above and beyond to give personal caring treatment and is very patient to take extra time to explain and discuss your healthcare or any problems or concerns you have.. Can’t say enough good things about him..!"

5.0 Review from C.S. Source: Google Jul 27 2021

"He was able to see me right away and he gave me a peace of mind about my condition and my options. Also he has a great staff working with him!"

5.0 Review from C.H. Source: Google Jul 21 2021

"I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Persich. He made me completely at ease as he listened to my health concerns. UC is hard to live with. He was very encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable. I am completely confident in his care."

5.0 Review from B.B. Source: Google Jul 15 2021

"Dr. Persich was very friendly and shows interest while talking to his patients. He makes you feel comfortable and listens to what you have to say. I would 100% recommend you to see him."

5.0 Review from S.L. Source: Google Jul 14 2021

"I have been a patient of Dr Persich since 2000. He is absolutely the best and I would not go to anyone else for my GI care."

5.0 Review from M.V. Source: Google Jun 18 2021

"Awesome Gastrointestinal Dr. He listens!! Crohn’s Disease and first Dr that did not make me suffer during a colonoscopy!! Thank you Dr Persich!!"

5.0 Review from J.E. Source: Google Jun 12 2021

"Dr. Persich is knowledgeable, understanding, and passionate about the medicine he practices every day. I went from being thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty and worry with my surprise diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, to being armed with the knowledge and confidence on how to best manage it after I visited his office. You want someone thorough, thoughtful, and experienced for this kind of thing. Dr. Persich checks those boxes."

5.0 Review from S.K. Source: Google Jun 11 2021

"Dr. Persich has been my Gastroenterologist on two occasions. Once , when I lived in New Orleans during the late 80's through 2003, and again recently after having moved back to New Orleans, this year 2021. I have always been given excellent advice and patient care. I trust his medical skills and expertise, as well as his surgical experience."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Jun 10 2021

"Always very thorough and listens well to patients concerns. Utilized his service for many years and always impressed at his professionalism and down to earth ability to explain things."

5.0 Review from P.M. Source: Google Apr 11 2021

"Dr.Persich explains everything and is very caring. Gets back to you very quickly after test."

5.0 Review from N.V. Source: Google Apr 10 2021

"Dr. Persich is an exceptionally skilled GI doctor and even better he is a truly caring and wonderful person! I have been his patient since 2013 and I truly enjoy my visits with him and he always makes me feel like family. He never rushes you and he will talk to you as long as you need him to be there with you. He has gone above and beyond for me in the past where most doctors would not even come close to doing these things."

5.0 Review from B.L. Source: Google Apr 01 2021

"Dr. Persich was professional and friendly. He made an uncomfortable process easy."

5.0 Review from T.K. Source: Google Mar 26 2021

"Dr Persich and the entire staff Metropolitan Gastroenterology made my colonoscopy, which is an unpleasant experience, surprisingly “Bearable”. They explained every step of the process and were very professional. I would highly recommend them for your procedure."

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: Google Mar 11 2021

"My experience was great from start to finish. The entire staff was reassuring and made me feel at ease."

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Mar 10 2021

"Dr Nicholas Persich is an Amazing Physician! At every office visit I have been to, he has had such a personable charm about him! He cares so much for the well-being of each person. I like that he INCLUDES ME IN DECISION MAKING, after he explains all options. Easy Communicator"

5.0 Review from L.L. Source: Google Feb 06 2021

"Dr Persich is one of the kindest efficient Doctors that I know. I’m so happy he is my Dr. The office is in need of better management as far as communicating with his patients."

5.0 Review from W.N. Source: Google Feb 05 2021

"Dr. Persich is a great gastroenterologist and a doctor with wonderful bed side manners, easy to talk to and is straight up with you on what his findings are if any. I've known Dr. Persich for 25 years or more. He's got to be one of the best in his field and his practice. I'm very fortunate to have him as my doctor. I would recommend him to anyone, I've sent a few family members and friends to him and they were totally satisfied and have kept him as their doctor for many years. Dr. Persich would not hesitate to call another doctor in another field to discuss an alternative if needed. I'd like to thank him for taking me on as one of his patients."

5.0 Review from G.V. Source: Google Feb 03 2021

"Dr.Persich is a great physician. He is one of the most kind and caring doctors that I know. He takes the time to listen to everything you have to say and definitely has your best interest!! I will highly recommend him the services he provides."

5.0 Review from M.M. Source: Google Jan 31 2021

"I’ve been seeing a female gastroenterologist for 20 years that retired. I was feeling a little nervous about seeing a male Dr., but Dr. Persich was great! His staff is also professional and I was able to schedule & complete my preventative procedure easily and quickly."

5.0 Review from D.P. Source: Google Jan 31 2021

"Dr. Persich is very down to earth and easy to talk to. He really put my mind at ease. He treated all my concerns with importance and helped me better understand everything. He is kind, patient, and I'm glad I chose him."

5.0 Review from L.D. Source: Google Jan 31 2021

"Dr Persich has been my doctor for many many years. I had to change doctors when I moved away. That never really worked out so I was thrilled when he became my doctor again. We’ve been through a lot together & I am always at peace when I see him. I have such confidence in his counsel. Would recommend him to everyone."

5.0 Review from T.A. Source: Google Jan 31 2021

"Dr. Persich has been my doctor for the last 12 years and there's no one more that I trust with my health issues than him. He is caring and understanding with each of his patients and takes time to understand all of your concerns and for some reason he doesn't know the answer he will find it. I recommend him to everyone I know and I'm dreading the day that he retires."

5.0 Review from J.D. Source: Google Jan 31 2021

"The staff and Dr. Nicholas are extremely kind and only want the best care for you. High recommend"

5.0 Review from A.C. Source: Google Jan 31 2021

"I had thought masked visits during COVID would be impersonal. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by Dr. Persich’s bedside manner and his thoroughness. I felt heard and respected and u would not hesitate to refer friends and family to him"

5.0 Review from J.R. Source: Google Jan 30 2021

"Dr. Persich is exceptional. He always places the interests of his patients above all else. He listens and asks questions to insure a complete understanding of what you are saying. If blood work or a test is necessary, he explains the reasons clearly. He reviews your medications and makes suggestions to insure your best physical and mental health. People that I have referred to him or were already patients share my opinions completely. I have no doubt that anyone he comes into contact with that doesn't know him as a doctor would, at the minimum, consider him a true gentleman, a rarity these days."

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Aug 03 2019

"Dr. Perisch is thorough and so knowlegeable. I had so many inconvenient symptoms and could not figure out how to manage them. After my initial visit to rule out cancer (colonoscopy), he explained that i had an extended colon which further complicated my i b s symptoms. (This explained why my digestion has always been erratic) Having a plan and more knowledge, I am able to more effectively manage my symptoms. That has changed my life drastically for the better!!!! I recommend Dr. Persich 100%."

5.0 Review from W.R. Source: Google Jul 31 2014

"Dr. Persich is a very nice and thorough. He explains everything in detail. I would recommend him to all my friends and family."