DHAT Pediatric Patient Form
DHAT Adult Patient Update Form
DHAT New Adult Patient Form
MetroGI New Patient Cover Letter
MetroGI Medical and Family History Form
MetroGI No Show/Late Cancellation Policy
MetroGI Consent for Release of Information Form
MetroGI Notice of Privacy Practices
MetroGI Patient Information Record
AG Initial Patient History and Intake Form
AG Financial Policy
AG General Consent Form
AG Patient Information Sheet
GIA Telemedicine Consent Form – Texas Offices
GIA Telemedicine Consent Form – Non-Texas Offices
Screening Colonoscopy Vs. Diagnostic Colonoscopy
Patient Financial Consent Form
Medical Records Release Form
GCSA – PHI Release Form
IGH Disclosure of Protected Health Information
IGH Patient Portal Sign Up Form
IGH New Patient Form
ADH Notice of Nondiscrimination
ADH Patient Registration Form
ADH Patient Interview Form
ADH Notice of Privacy Practices
ADH Financial Policy Form
ADH Authorization to Release/Obtain Medical Records
COPE Physical Therapy New Patient Form
DHC Fibroscan Referral Form
Gastroenterology Associates Limited Patient Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Info Form
Gastroenterology Associates New Registration Form
Gastroenterology Associates Patient Interview Form
IGG Consent for Release and Use of Confidential Information and Receipt of Privacy Practices Form
IGG Patient History Worksheet
TDDC Patient Interview Form
TDDC Consent for Treatment of a Minor
TDDC Limited Patient Authorization for Disclosure of Protected Health Information
TDDC New Patient Registration Form