As a physician working for the GI Alliance you will encounter opportunities that offer growth and a flexible career path. As the largest and one of the fastest-growing gastroenterology groups in the United States, we offer expanding opportunities.

We practice medicine in large urban areas, surrounding suburban areas, rural areas, hospitals, tertiary centers, and other specialty centers.

No matter what your professional goals include, we have the career options that will fit your needs.

Feel free to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to express your interest and we will contact you to enter into employment discussions.

Why Join With A GI Alliance Private Practice?

Work-Life Balance

  • Multiple Practice Settings
  • Urban, suburban and rural
  • Associated hospital types from tertiary to primary
  • Opportunities available requiring various skills from advanced level to basic practice
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Work-Life Balance

With over 80 individual practices and associated satellite locations, many opportunities for variable practice settings exist. Your lifestyle may set your sights on an urban, suburban or rural environment, the opportunities for each exist.

Depending on your desire to utilize all of your skill sets, various levels of hospitals are associated with our individual practices ranging from tertiary to primary hospitals. They all exist within our network and enable you to choose based on your ambitions.

Those with advanced training could have the ability to associate with practices that have an established reputation in that skill set. There are also practice centers with the need for those skills to be added to complement the services already available. At the same time, multiple practices requiring basic G.I. skills are available with individual associated needs, such as wireless capsule endoscopy or motility.

Call frequency is difficult to define and varies with the size of the group. That understanding could be explored as interest is developed in a specific practice.

Competitive Pay

  • Two year employed physician position leading to senior physician status/partner
  • Alternative career hospitals track with ability to participate in revenue from ancillary services
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Competitive Pay

The normal track for an employed physician is to attain senior physician/”partner” status after two years of employment. Employed physicians receive competitive pay with bonus incentives, calculated quarterly based on productivity.
You will be given two weeks per year of vacation and one additional week of paid time for continued medical education. Additional benefits include health insurance, health savings account, retirement plan with 401(k), long-term disability and optional vision and legal plans.
After completing two years of employment the physician is then approved by the individual operational center with confirmation by the Clinical Governance Board. The physician then assumes the contract as a senior physician.

Senior physician income is varied based upon the operational center. The autonomy that exists within GI Alliance, allows operational centers to determine their method of income distribution. The methods vary from an equal share arrangement among members of an operational center to distribution based solely upon productivity. Again, this provides one more variable in making your long-term choice as to the setting in which you wish to practice.
Once senior physician status is achieved, you will then receive additional income streams from ancillary services, i.e. pathology, anesthesia, pharmacy, research, and infusion centers.
As a senior physician, it is important to emphasize that a large percentage of your income occurs outside of the income from professional services and is available to all senior physicians on an equal basis. There are no class differences within the organization

Ambulatory surgery center (ASC) ownership varies depending upon the operational center. The opportunity to buy into the ASC is assumed at the time of achieving senior physician status.

In November 2018 we partnered with Waud Capital Partners to provide enhanced financial and human capital resources. We remain committed to physician ownership and upon joining GI Alliance, the senior physician will have the ability to purchase between $100,000 and $250,000 equity ownership.

A limited number of career paths are available to those who would want to remain in the hospitalist status allowing them to receive income based on productivity plus the opportunity to share in the ancillary services.


  • Variety of practices allowing you to choose lifestyle and compatibility with individual practice centers
  • Each practice center has the autonomy to develop their own style of practice
  • Stable group with excellent retention of physicians
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The sum and substance of what has been described in terms of work-life balance and remuneration demonstrate a variety of practice opportunities. The ability to join a firmly established premier practice group with the ability to choose your lifestyle is clearly with GI Alliance. GI Alliance has established a plethora of ancillary services not only to deliver services but also the independence to control the quality of what our patients receive.
You can attain your professional goals in gastroenterology while at the same time be part of a solid well-structured comprehensive practice that is physician oriented. With our expanding programs, opportunities also exist to establish your own individual practice under the umbrella of support provided by GI Alliance

It is important to emphasize the autonomy of each of our groups. Though a large corporate structure exists, the individual character of each of our practice centers is not lost allowing you to have the opportunity to join a quality group that fits your needs.